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Our SCADA team has the programming expertise in C, C++, C#, Visual C++ and Matlab. Hands on experience in developing industrial automation software using the technologies such as WPF, MFC, OpenGL and DirectX. Experienced in developing communication drivers for PLC’s such as TwinCAT, CodeSys, ABB, Mitsubishi, Omron and KOYO. High proficiency in following the design methodologies like Object Oriented Analysis & Design. In depth knowledge in data communication protocols like SEMI, Modbus, HART other proprietary standards. Very strong skills in C++/C# and passionate object oriented designs and architectures using UML.

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Engineering Solutions

The Engineering and Systems Applications team at TA is an exceptional team of software professionals offering innovative technology solutions. We have always been enthusiastic in taking on challenging problems and providing effective solutions to our customers. Our key skills include: SCADA/HMI, Data Acquisition and Control, Image Processing, 3D Visualization and Simulation.

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Data Analytics Solutions

We offer data analytics services to the clients from various verticals like Healthcare, Retail, Banking & Telecommunication. The data analytics services that we are offering includes: Social Media Analytics, Text Analytics, Sentiment Analytics, Trend Analytics, Analytics Modelling, Visualization and Log Analytics. The data integration service includes: Data Warehousing, ETL Processing, Data Modeling/ Meta Data services, Data Quality, Master Data Management

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Mobile Applications

With Smartphones and Tablets taking center stage in today’s world, organizations are keen on making significant advancements in the mobile space. Our team with immense passion and innovative ideas can help you develop Apple iOS, Android and Windows phone applications. Whether you are a startup firm or a Billion dollar company, if you are looking at leveraging Mobile Platforms as a means to expand your business or streamline your operations, then TA is the right partner for you.

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Web Applications

Travancore Analytics (TA), a reputed Web Application Development company, has a deep understanding of business needs of our clients and offer custom web development services that add value to their businesses. TA delivers applications combining our cross-domain experience, technological expertise and Agile methodology.

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Enterprise Applications

Team Travancore Analytics (TA) is a team of developers and designers who are having immense experience in developing the software solutions for large enterprises and also strong knowledge base about the software development life cycle of enterprise applications. Security is at the heart of any enterprise application. We ensure that your application is tested on as many physical devices as possible so that bugs are detected and any loophole in the application are closed. Our software quality assurance team ensures that your enterprise application development is up to the mark and exceeds your quality expectations.

Services We Offer

Travancore Analytics is an exceptional team of software professionals offering innovative custom based software solutions in Web, Mobile platforms & Industrial Automation area.

Web Application Development

Travancore Analytics(TA), a reputed Web application development company, offers custom web development services.

Mobile Application Development

Travancore Analytics(TA) has built excellent reputation by creating some of the most widely downloaded mobile applications and games.

Engineering Solutions

The Engineering and Systems Applications team at TA is an exceptional team of software professionals offering innovative technology solutions.

  • I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work of the Simulation & 3D Visualization team at Travancore Analytics (TA). The simulation software developed by TA has added great value to our business. Moving forward, we hope to expand and strengthen our business relation with TA.

  • Over the last two years we have cooperated in all together four Android mobile application projects. We would choose TA any time again as a developing partner and can recommend Travancore to any company that is looking for a 100% reliable premium quality partner for IT ventures.

  • Travancore Analytics has consistently exceeded expectations on our mobile projects. They have been on time and provided top quality development

Joint Product Development

TA will be a helping hand to transform your product idea or concept into a reality by providing support & maintenance from the India development center and it will help you to reduce the investment to a greater extent. From our experience we can emphasize that the risk factor in product development and real time testing are the major concern for our customers and in return our Quality & Testing team are always keeping the par high. So you don’t want to worry about bearing all the risk and we are here to support you. Check out some of our products below.

We Associate with:

Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

Transforming your ideas or concepts to working business solutions. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing a few sheets of paper laid in front of you or sometimes just ideas, getting transformed to an established online business (web & mobile).

Design Media

Take up more work in application development and expand from Design to entire application development, maintenance and Support. Our rates are very competitive which gives you a good margin on every hour of work that is taken up. You will be the client front end & we will be supporting from the back end. We help you to focus on your core skills which is design and creativity.

Small & Medium Business (SMB)

You can’t afford the leading IT products in market that could support their business, you don’t need any fancy features, you may not have the technical skills to customize open source, you don’t want anything bound by royalties – All that you need is simple, tailored, cost effective, royalty free software that runs your business. TA has been providing exactly this to our SMB customers .

Public Sector/Society

Technology for Public Welfare – We have had some exciting engagements that has helped transform the lives of millions. Applications to support the visually impaired, Consumer application for State Power company, A platform for State Tourism promotion and also for public involvement, Training solutions to the armed forces, etc are some of these. These projects were executed either directly with the government or through our partners.

About Team TA

Travancore Analytics (TA) is a bespoke software development company – a team of professional and experienced software developers, architects and project managers. TA was instituted in 2007 by a team of senior engineers drawing experience from its long term association with Academia, Technology R&D Institutions and Software Development Industry. Consciously adopting a non-linear growth pattern with its philosophy of ‘Remain Small Retain All’, TA has excelled in the art of retaining its customers and employees. We operate in USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan either directly or through our business associates.