Technology has taken its place in almost every sector today.  Sports is one such domain where technology has started putting its hands on in a most extensive way. As a known fact Artificial Intelligence has already taken its hands on sports now following which Virtual Reality came into action.

Imagine not experiencing the thrill of watching your favourite sport from first down line or tracking. For a hard core fan of sport it would be a mind blowing experience watching it in a virtual world in real time. With the sudden advancements in Virtual Reality in almost every stream it’s been now implemented in sports too. Ranging from consuming content to training, visualising and massive experience the sport experience is extensive. For a die hard core fan of a sport follower it is not always practical to afford the luxury of travelling around and experience the favourite team performing playing.

To accommodate only a VR app and headset is needed which can be taken to the stadium to look around as the action unfolds. This would be the most realistic experience one could even witness. As of now the VR broadcast of sporting event is limited while the 360-degree video feed allow to move the head and look around and experience the realistic view.

These days various startups gather player’s data from their respective matches in order to crate 3D simulations of the game. Users wearing the Virtual Reality headsets are free to explore the game from anywhere in the stadium which not only includes the perspective of a player but also the fans and officials. The added degree of freedom is always acceptable but the fact of using computer generated graphics might not always  be appealing to large part of fans but the medium will remain tremendously beneficial for the players of the sports team who can easily replay and analyse the game from various perspectives. The technique behind this is use of an array of ultrahigh definition camera which is positioned around the arena to create seamless, realistic 3D rendering of the action.

Even certain companies have started out Virtual Reality training videos shot from a player’s view of the action during practices which enables players to receive realistic, repetitive training by visualising through Virtual Reality headsets situations they will face on the field. For instance players can review the teammate’s positions or opportunities they miss by going through several times.

With the sudden jump Virtual Reality has taken advancements are rendering in sports and so are the implementation ending up in more immersive field.