About Team TA

Travancore Analytics was instituted in 2007 by a team of senior engineers drawing experience from its long term association with Academia, Technology R&D Institutions and Software Development Industry. Consciously adopting a non-linear growth pattern with its philosophy of ‘Remain Small Retain All’, Travancore Analytics has excelled in the art of retaining its customers and employees. We operate in USA, UK, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan either directly or through our business associates. We have established a strong continuing business relationship with 20+ customers and also we have many other small term engagements. Our client base is focused on USA, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Japan.

Mobility & Web Solutions

Our innovative and adept team can help you develop iOS, Android and Windows mobile applications. We also help to develop web applications including Java, MEAN.IO, Django, .Net and PHP. Whether you are a startup firm or a billion dollar company, if you are looking at leveraging Mobile & Web platforms as a means to expand your business or streamline your operations, then TA is the perfect partner for you.

SCADA/HMI solutions

Our highly experienced team has developed SCADA and HMI solutions including HMI interfaces, custom SCADA solutions, plant mimic displays and alarm monitoring & processing. Data Acquisition solutions, Device Communication Protocol, Recipe management, Plant Monitoring and Maintenance frameworks, Utility Monitoring system, Internet of Things and mobile SCADA systems are some of our other areas of expertise. If you are looking for a partner to develop custom SCADA/HMI solutions then TA is the right choice.

Data Integration & Analytics Solutions

Our team’s BI solutions have helped companies in the Oil & Gas sector accurately analyze and track maintenance activities in their plants, semiconductor manufacturing firms analyze defects in their products, leading educational institutions analyze large volumes of data spread across heterogeneous sources and major players in the BFSI industry extract large volumes of financial data (like loans & bank cheques, credit card processing details). This makes TA the ideal development partner for your data integration and analytics needs.

Quick glance at TA’s growth:

2007 Birth of TA 

2008 TA starts business in Japan  

2009 Started mobility solutions 

2010 Expands business to Europe

2012 Established office in UK  

2013 Established office in USA  

2014 Expands business in India 

2015 TA stepped in to IoT 

Our Team

Hari Kumar
Harikumar P
Baas Mannarasala
Anwer Sadath
Mobility Delivery Head
Prem Prakash
Prem Prakash
Engineering Delivery Head