Attention CTOs – Top 8 Web Development Trends for 2019

The current scenario is that almost every facet of life has a solution that can be enabled by web developments.

A Netcraft survey shows that there are over 200 million active websites, while the total number of websites (active and inactive) is nearly 10 times as much. The crazy numbers also indicate that every minute there are over 200 websites floated, and around 150 plus applications launched.

It is essential for businesses to keep track of the latest web development trends and integrate them into your web business. This helps them to ride the wave of change and stay successful. It can be tough to keep track of changing trends, but we’re here to point you in the right direction.

These are the top 8 trends in web development that will dominate in 2019.

  1. Intelligent Chatbots

With their minimalistic approach and 24×7 availability, AI-powered chatbots are being hailed as the top application for customer support on websites. These AI chatbots are referred to as intelligent agents who can converse almost as well as a customer support executive. Studies show that the majority of customers are comfortable with chatbots so it’s good news on all fronts. Moreover, chatbots herald massive savings for businesses in all sectors by minimizing the costs of customer support.

  1. Single Page Applications (SPAs)

Minimalizing user effort required to navigate through websites has been a focused area of effort. As the name suggests it is a single long webpage that is devoid of intricate navigation and complex menus.  To navigate it, we simply scroll, or use links to go down or up the page to the desired section.

The biggest advantage of these sites is their simplicity.  And this concept works very well on smartphones and desktops as well. The development cost is also inexpensive and so is hosting such a site.


  1. Artificial Intelligence

AI is hailed as one of the core components of any digital transformation strategy. AI technology and applications that can help with everything from customer support to predictive trends and image recognition, reasoning, assessing to acting are being developed. It has also been estimated that in 2019, more than 40% of organizations in the world will deploy AI technology to enhance productivity and customer satisfaction.


  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

Google has introduced an open source project – Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) for an instant page load and smooth functionality on a mobile device. Given how many consumers use their mobile phones for their internet needs and shopping, this is a natural evolution. Based on AMP HTML, such pages are very easy to deploy and maintain.


  1. User Interfaces in Motion

Any webpage that can dynamically change its layout, schematic view and with a captivating motion UI is bound to hold attention more than a static page. Motion UI strives to make user interface appealing, to grab visitors and keep them engaged. This experimental technology is a strategy to capture user attention in the face of a steadily dwindling attention span. If it’s not interesting click and the user is gone. Evocative motion UIs have unique aesthetics. This is also termed as an asymmetrical UI.


  1. Adaptive and Responsive Design

A responsive and a dynamic site whose content is equivalent across the desktop and mobile versions, pops up higher in search engine rankings. The trend of adaptability owes more to the fact that more web users are accessing the web through multiple mobile devices and desktops. Hence, a responsive design that is adaptive is bound to appear higher in the search order.


  1. Module Reuse

Reusing chunks of code in a modular way enables a dynamic webpage rather than a restrictive one. This allows display of information in a crisp manner and that these modules can be reused or fitted elsewhere as a different chunk saves a lot of time and cost. This becomes a faster and as easier way of development and deployment.


  1. Cybersecurity

Cyberattacks are growing in severity and AI is the likely future of more efficient and affordable cybersecurity. The current situation is one of a delayed response to attacks, as cybersecurity professionals aren’t available 24×7. AI can turn that around. Once created, AI does not need to be paid per hour and it can pounce on an attack the instant it occurs so the damage is minimal.

Harnessing these upcoming web development trends for 2019 can help you stay ahead of the game. In addition to the trends listed above, there are API Design makeovers, Voice Search Identification, IoT and AR (Augmented Reality). To assemble all these futuristic interactions for a smooth user experience, Travancore Analytics is a custom web development and software services firm that caters to customers worldwide. To take your web business to greater heights, let’s get Connected!

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