Importance of Tech-Awareness

Tech-Awareness as a skill refers to being updated on the technology that is recently becoming popular and readily being accepted in the market or industry. It additionally encompasses one’s ability to acknowledge and perceive the utility of any such technology for the success of his business.

The acceptance of a particular technology can be seen either as an opportunity or as a threat to an individual company/firm – be it any industry. The tech-awareness skills serve as the most important asset either way. Ideally, it would mean a person’s ability to either correspond to the industry-wide technology adoption or surpass it.

Why awareness on the latest tech-trends are important?

Regardless of the industry we function, keeping up with the tech-updates is imperative. An employer looks into many skills while selecting the perfect candidate as an employee. A person has more chances of being shortlisted with the right attitude, the right amount of skill, team work and so on. One of the deciding factors that results in his selection is his ability to learn, to adapt and to accommodate latest knowledge. The adaptability to latest trends, willingness to learn and inculcate that knowledge for a game-changing idea makes a perfect entrepreneur as well.

Following are the areas where technology trend awareness skills are of significance:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Estimates show that more than 2 billion people use their mobile devices for internet access. Technology has been absorbed in everyone’s lives to the extent that every day we all interact with one kind of a screen or another, mostly using internet. Therefore, your customers could be anywhere using any kind of technology. Tech-awareness helps you identify what your customers are mostly spending their time with so that you can connect with them easily. For example, your customers from a particular region use mobile phones more than laptops. Have you checked out how your company website looks through a mobile screen? Is it responsive?
  • Increased Opportunities: Tech-awareness doesn’t necessarily help with marketing alone. It increases opportunities to improve other areas as well. You don’t necessarily need to have a technology centric business to adopt new and trending technologies. You can even start a new technology-centric venture or adapt technology for your non-technology related services, all for the sake of additional revenue opportunities.

How to stay updated?          

  • Technology related forums and blogs: Forums and blogs that are focused on a particular topic or category are one of the best sources. Not just the articles, but the comments by other users, their reviews or viewpoint on the topic will only give a wider perspective to your ideas. You can also share in your own opinions, doubts/queries and subscribe to the newsletters of your favorite technology-oriented websites.
  • Social Media:Social media is one aspect of our lives that is pretty much integral. Be it for personal or professional platforms, there is not a single news that escapes social media. Find a fellow enthusiast, or anyone who works with technology and inspires you, on Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media. Since they’re perpetually au fait the most recent trends in technology, reading their posts on a regular basis will help you improve your technology trend awareness.
  • Seminars & Interactive Meet-Ups:Reading about things may be useful, but there is nothing like exploring a topic through discussion. You can meet people with the same level of interest and inquisitiveness for technology as yours, share ideas with them, and gain knowledge. This is helpful, especially if the people you meet or the spokesperson belong to a different company, field, or industry.

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