Visualization in Business Development

Business Development is a key factor in the growth of any organization, be it in any domain. Marketing and Business Development go hand in hand. To bring more business on to the table, proper marketing strategies are to be employed. There are many ways by which one can reach out to potential prospects.

E-mail marketing and cold calling are the age-old traditions since the advent of the internet. There are still places where the doors will open when knocked using these traditional tools. Through the previous decade, neo-marketing tools such as Social Media has found a great reach. Presentations highlighting expertise in the domains organizations concentrate on can be considered as a traditional method but it has a greater effect with visualizations – on an initial glance.

Video presentations are yet another attractive method to woo your customers. Making short 30 sec to 1 min videos with the key aspects and including a narrative on the product is an effective way. In business terms, time is money. A person tends to be more attentive to visual presentations and that too to get more details within a short time span. Demo videos serve the purpose.

Say you are contacting a client in the logistics domain. It will be more effective with a video on the technologies more relevant in the logistics domain. It would be much better with a case study on a previous project you have worked upon in logistics in the past. No Case Study? No worries, just present the skill set in relevant technological domains applicable to logistics.

A presentation is more effective on a wider scope of things, but you must be ready to explain at any point to the prospect/client. A narrative video scores more brownie points in that aspect as well. More detailed yet compact is what keeps videos a favorite of every prospect and business developer alike. For a video to be effective, a strong storyboard and flow are required which is to be thought upon. The creativity in presenting makes each video different.

Now then, use that grey matter and think of ideas on how to stand out in your content and marketing endeavors.    


Visuals express ideas in a snackable manner

~ Kim Garst

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