Health and Medical Technology

Health is Wealth” – the saying goes. A really healthy individual is one who is sound in body and in mind. The health-care domain as such has evolved so much that there is treatment for those diseases which meant sure death in the past. Research into the causes of the disease and ways to counter them has led the pharmacologists to astounding results. With the right technology, the outbreak of diseases and its spreading are being controlled at the source. It can be said that the right medications, technology-supported diagnosis, and treatment have led to the decrease in death tolls.

Darwin’s theory showing “Survival of the Fittest” holds true here as well – as the potential of the medicine increases, there may be incidences of “superbugs”. Recent findings suggest the already occuring advent of superbugs. The invention of antibiotics was a great achievement that led to the decrease of a lot of illnesses. As time flew the usage of antibiotics grew with each person consuming them for a faster recovery. However, the drawback of antibiotics was that they do not have any “favoritism” towards the illness causing microbes. They will kill the microbes indigenous to our body as well – not just the “invaders”. With the consumption of antibiotics and similar drugs for a long time, the immunity system of a body will be affected. 

The WHO and the world nations have realized the adverse long term  effects of antibiotics and in consultations with multiple medical entities have come up with a globally accepted set of guidelines to administer medicines. Many countries have adopted these guidelines and are abiding by it. This will reduce the unwanted usage of antibiotics and similar medicines. It is also a way to control the spurt of the “superbugs”.

Travancore Analytics is in the process of developing a software system – using her expertise in C#, SQL and Angular for a client. This software adheres to the aforementioned guidelines. This will be a helpful tool for physicians in carrying out their duty more effectively. This tool will also be a great guide for up and coming physicians who just got into the medical practice. This will help the medical world a great deal and will boost the quality of their work in realizing their true aim: a healthy world.

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