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Healthcare apps are changing the way doctors and patients are approaching healthcare. Apps can improve access to healthcare, enhance patient engagement and safety and reduce medical fraud.


Education & Training

Thanks to educational apps the classroom is always open for anyone, anytime and anyplace! Apps are going to be the game changer in the education and training sector.


Media Streaming

Mobile solutions allow the media and entertainment industry to provide their customers with highly user experiences. It helps them monetize their content & keeps them connected to their customers.


Social Media

Social media is here to stay and social media apps are thriving. More than billion people have social media accounts and this number is expected to rise each year.With smartphones, people access the internet from anywhere and at any time.


Sales & Marketing

The field of sales and marketing is undergoing a major transformation as people spend more time on their mobiles, tablets and laptops. Consequently, an increasing number of companies are using mobile and web apps to boost their sales and marketing.



Technology is drastically changing the way we watch sports. As mobile and VR devices find their way into the hands of people, sports broadcasters and teams need to offer better and more interactive apps to cater to the demands of the masses.


Over the last two years we have cooperated in all together four Android mobile application projects. We would choose TA any time again as a developing partner and can recommend Travancore to any company that is looking for a 100% reliable premium quality partner for IT ventures.
Florian Mayer
Strategy & Design, Hub8
I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work of the Simulation & 3D Visualization team at Travancore Analytics (TA). The simulation software developed by TA has added great value to our business. Moving forward, we hope to expand and strengthen our business relation with TA.
Kawabata K
Chairman, Comco Corporation
Travancore Analytics has done an amazing job for us at Connected IO, Inc. They have been extremely responsive, and flexible in addressing our requirements. With daily updates from Travancore you never have to wonder about the status of the project. I would highly recommend Travancore Analytics for any web site/cloud related project.
Yakov Temov

Our Focus


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has, slowly but steadily, left the realms of science fiction and entered our day to day existence. ​We​ can support you in your ventures into the world of VR.


Augmented Reality

Augmented reality  enhances or augments the user’s sensory perception by adding a digital layer over the real world around him. Our team’s current focus is on developing arresting and useful augmented apps.


Location Services

Location based services use the smartphones geographical location to provide services like tracking, navigation and information about nearby points of interest.



The iBeacon protocol uses​ a class of Bluetooth low energy devices that broadcast their identifier to nearby portable electronic devices.​ We have​created several such apps that use simple Bluetooth technology to communicate ith other similar devices.


Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility management is used control and secure mobile apps, data, and devices in corporate-owned and BYOD environments. Our expertise in this field makes us your logical collaboration partner.



Internet of Things (IoT) is an ecosystem of connected physical objects that are connected to the internet and these objects can collect and exchange data.  IOT is one of the core ​areas we are currently focusing on  and we can help your IoT needs.

Our Team

Hari- CEO, Travancore Analytics
Harikumar P
Baas- CTO, Travancore Analytics
Baas Mannarasala
Anwer- Mobility Delivery Head, Travancore Analytics
Anwer Sadath
Mobility Delivery Head
Sumesh V V
Sumesh V V
Associate PM

Recent Works


These are just some of our selected works. You can also check out our entire portfolio.

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Voke VR
Vanderbilt university
Analytical Mechanics Associates