iOS and Android Sports Medicine App for Coaches

app for coaches 1

Client Profile

Our client is a renowned university medical center in the US.


The client needed iOS and Android apps for coaches that would help sports coaches address safety concerns even if a certified athletic trainer was not on site.

TA’s solution – An app for coaches

Our team developed iOS and Android apps for coaches that literally puts an athletic trainer, a personal assistant and a meteorologist all in the palm of a sports coach’s hand. The app has the option of inapp purchase. Users can buy an annual subscription for lightning strike alerts.

Tools & Technology

iOS, XCode, Swift , Android, Android SDK, Android Studio.

User Benefit

1. The app will use the user’s location to provide weather conditions and lightning strikes in 30 miles of their location and track.
2. The app has a timer function that coaches will find very useful.
3. They can also access information that athletic trainers commonly share i.e. concussion guidelines, injury preventions etc.
4. The user can purchase an annual subscription to get lightning strike alerts.
5. Users can create teams and add particular contacts into their team.
6. Users have the option to send messages to all contacts or to a single person.

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