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Google Cardboard

Create immersive & interactive Virtual Reality mobile apps for your 360° content. With dynamic layouts and live streaming support, you only have to literally drag-and-drop your content into our dedicated VR framework.

  • Powerful & innovative VR apps for 360 images and videos
  • Interactive, fully-immersive experience
  • Live Streaming supported VR applications
  • Simple, drag-and-drop, flexible VR framework
  • Unity based user interactive VR apps

MagicView- VR App Development Framework

How VR Framework works

The MagicView is a unified VR app development framework custom built for the modern app generation system- drag and drop contents to create apps instantly across several VR platforms and devices. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that MagicView can act both as a native SDK and a Unity Plugin, to build native VR apps and for the Unity 3D Engine respectively.

Web Portal:

Can be used to upload 360 videos in 2D & 3D. User can also add video descriptions & define content categories. In-App purchases can be decided through this portal.

Content Encryption:

First 80 bits of the content will get encrypted and the decryption will take place after the download. It can handle contents in 4K, HD, & Full HD resolutions.

Mobile App:

Custom player integrated to playback the contents in different VR gear platforms. Custom Live Chat integrated and push notification to communicate latest updates.



Playback Control

It can handle separate frame rate and surround audio format for every content. The AV Player (for iOS) and ExoPlayer (for Android) are the dedicated video players used in MagicView. It ranges from 360 Mono, 3D and 2D to 180 3D VR modes.


360 View in 2D

Framework allows the mobile app to support 360 view in 2D mode by tilting the mobile device. A VR headset is not a mandate for using the application.


Multiple Formats

The various frame format options facilitated by MagicView are 360 Stereoscopic, 180 Stereoscopic and 360 Monoscopic. It also supports the Equirectangular projection format.


Live Streaming

Live Streaming of 360 videos with user interactions is a unique advantage the framework offers. Dynamic widgets & contents can be augmented on screen for live events.


Cloud Support

Playback of 360 videos from Cloud with zero uploads into the admin portal every time a content needs to be posted on the app.


In-app video purchase

It can be defined for every video. Parameters such as price, privileges and discounts can be managed for individual customers without manual involvement.


Interactive Menu

Interactive Menu functionalities can be decided and modelled through the framework. User can switch contents or navigate through the app without taking headset.


Cross platform operability

Projection formats will be implemented in Equirectangular, Cubemap, and Lambert to make the mobile app compatible with other VR headsets such as Google Daydream, Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vibe, etc


Spatial audio

With support for 5.0, 4.0, 7.0 surround formats, it will provide spatial audio support with HRTF especially for VR videos. A pair of HRTFs for two ears can be used to synthesize a binaural sound that seems to come from a particular point in space.

Latest Customer Engagements

Mentour Aviation: Google VR App for iOS & Android Platform

Aviation Training

The famous YouTube Vlogger Mentour Pilot, a flight instructor by profession, wanted a solution to help aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts learn about flying a plane and its operation effectively. TA powered Mentour Aviation app takes you inside the cockpit of a Boeing 787-N and provides an immersive experience.

Using our proprietary framework MagicView, the Mentour Aviation app was designed to view 360॰ videos through the Google Cardboard and also through your smartphone. The web portal allows the admin to upload videos, add descriptions and sort all these into categories. The videos to be put up for in-app purchase and their pricing can be assigned, and YouTube vlogs can be linked to the app easily.

Available on

Aviation Training Google play Aviation Training Google play

Immersive Applications for Voke VR

‘Immersive’ is a mandate when any technology needs to be about sports. Add interactive features like real-time zoom and pan, geo-fencing at the venue, livestreaming on gear and the app is good to go. We are technology partners for Voke VR, who have their very own patented camera technology for VR content. They had collaborated with Hotstar at the Kabbadi World Cup 2016 to livestream 360 videos at the venue.

Aviation Training Aviation Training

Gear VR App for Immersive Live Events & Replays

Aviation Training
  • View live immersive events
  • Realistic Experience
  • View instant replays
  • Your own controls over the content
  • Choose your own camera Viewpoints
  • Sports, Fashion & Entertainment