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“I don’t pretend we have all the answers, but the questions are certainly worth thinking about”.

~ Arthur C Clarke

Quizzing can make learning a fun activity, it can be called as an “Edutainment Process” where the candidates gain knowledge while competing against each other. Earlier it was done in educational institutions and organizations dedicated to academic purposes. Later it shifted to being a part of grand shows, carnivals and the like as part of competitions. By the turn of the millennia, game shows awarding real money were telecasted and found much traction among the world populous. Regional variations of the popular show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” is a prime example.

The European plains can boast of a population who are always active in quiz shows. With the advent of the web and mobile app solutions, the quiz games as such have become very popular and many are participating in these games to increase their knowledge and gain some revenue while making it their part-time hobby. Some are fully devoted to these activities and are quite successful at that. Not just Europe, many nations across the globe have an active group of individuals participating in online quizzes.

Here at Travancore Analytics, we provide web and mobile app solutions for clients from various walks of life and across the 5 continents. TeamTA has developed an online quiz platform – both web and mobile solutions for a client. Through this platform, one can participate in real time tournaments, contests or individual games. They can participate with peers and get rewarded in points and in cash based on performance. It involves a very complex algorithm to track the traffic, individual gaming sessions, keeping track of the scores and so on. The client can roll out the white-labeled version of the platform for their customers where end users can participate in the quiz.

We have been helping with the development, version management, and maintenance. The partnership is going strong for the last 4 years. TeamTA is proud to be the technical team in this endeavor.

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