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Feedback is an inherent and inevitable form of expression for any living being. Companies or firms selling products must always keep their mind, eyes and ears open for feedbacks of their customers. If Nike never looked up the feedback of their consumers, how would have they grown just by deciding on selling the models THEY thought will sell?


You are launching a new application – be it web or mobile. The only way you will get their feedback will be through the play-store or via the app – store. It is no surprise if I say that some of them will be just for the sake of it. What if the user who uses your application can review or give feedback – provided you ask the right questions which they will resonate with? What if it involves just a one-line code to be updated in your application build and you can get the response through a web interface as well as a mobile application? This, in turn, will help the users to respond quickly as and when you feel like doing an update for the app.

Our Solution: 

Travancore Analytics has developed a framework for this purpose. where the end user will be faced with a pop – up query upon launching the application – which you can frame through your user panel. You can provide the options or let them give a response they feel like. You can take these criticisms in the right stride and plan for upgrades. In the end, it will benefit the product as a whole. Satisfied users mean more reach for the product. This is also an effective marketing feature as it will let you know the pulse of the customer and thereby go up the ladder in the consumer market.

The end users can react to your products – live and raw. REACTO is such a framework – where the developers have only a 5 minutes work to update the build or code and the client has an interface where they can get the updates and responses. It is a global framework that we can use in any platform.

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