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SCADA/HMI solutions includes Human Machine Interface (HMI) & Development, Custom SCADA development, Plant Mimic displays & user interface and Alarm Monitoring and Processing.



Our Data Acquisition software development services  includes PC based Data Acquisition system, Data Logger Software Development, Trend display development, Device Configuration Management.


Driver Development

We developed drivers for Modbus (Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP), OPC (OLE for Process Control), HART protocol,SEMI standards (HSMS, SECS-I, SECS-II, GEM), MTConnect (R), IEC 61850 (Substation Automation), ABB TotalFlow (R).


Monitoring and Maintenance

We developed Plant Monitoring and Maintenance frameworks. Their functionalities includes Scheduled Maintenance of Pipelines in chemical plants, Tracking of corrosion in pipelines, Prediction of life time of pipeline section, Mimic Displays for the complete process, Alarm Displays, Trend Displays, Real-time monitoring of parameters.



With SCADA, all critical elements of the plant are networked together. Sensors are kept at critical points to measure parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc. All major components like pumps, valves, tanks, boilers, chambers, etc are equipped with appropriate measurement devices or sensors and such data are connected to a central server.


Recipe Management

SCADA Recipe management includes OPC server connectivity, Remote connectivity with high-speed communications, Client-Server application with central data management, Web-based easy to use interface functionality, Run time manipulations of recipe values are possible.


Travancore Analytics has been a trusted partner for 3DI over the past few years in developing elegant solutions using C++ and 3D technologies. Their engineers have shown technical brilliance and thorough professionalism combined with a keen interest in adapting to the high standards of Japanese work culture and ethics. It has been a very fruitful partnership.
Toru Sekizuka
Vice President, 3D Incorporated
I would like to express my appreciation for the outstanding work of the Simulation & 3D Visualization team at Travancore Analytics (TA). The simulation software developed by TA has added great value to our business. Moving forward, we hope to expand and strengthen our business relation with TA.
Kawabata K
Chairman, Comco Corporation

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