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Seamless End-to-End Mobile AR Golf Experience

How has a first-of-its-kind AR-rich mobile application revolutionized Golf?


As sports continue to evolve, the importance of digital technology is becoming essential. From smartphones to Augmented Reality, the new generation of fans are no longer interested in going to a stadium just for the live experience. The growing number of discerning spectators urge to receive intricate information about what they’re watching in just a snap, and technology is no way behind in opening never-before-seen creative, sophisticated, and innovative digital experiences to meet their requirements.


Our client, a renowned professional golf association in the US, approached TA to develop a cutting-edge first-in-generation AR application for their golf tournaments, allowing their viewers a real-life AR experience of the drama and excitement of some of golf’s greatest moments.




In order to enhance their spectator experience, our client wanted a mobile AR application that provides the visualizations of shot trajectory, distance, speed, time, player details, and other information related to the game from multiple vantage points. To bring out such an application, the client faced several challenges in visualizing and processing the details of the game into a mobile AR application. They approached TA to develop the mobile AR application where the spectator can watch the game with all the exciting details that they can not see in the real-life tournament.

The challenges faced by our client were:

  • poor viewer engagement in live tournaments
  • difficulty in developing a mobile AR Application
  • trouble in adding and optimizing visualizations of the game into a mobile application


Our team coordinated with the client and developed an easy-to-integrate mobile AR application providing a 360-degree view of the entire golf course. We integrated the visualizations of shot trajectory, distance, time, height, speed, scorecard, player card, tournament schedule, etc., based on the data received from our client. Our team customized the 3D model of the golf courses provided by our client and consolidated it into the mobile application. We also added 3D models on the details of the players and other information on the game and visualized it into the application. We then processed and optimized all the visualizations of the course into the mobile AR application enabling the viewers to watch the tournament comfortably by scanning the phone on any flat surface. For a better viewing experience, our team developed a zoom-in and zoom-out option for the users. The application also enables auto-scaling, allowing users to watch the course effectively from any distance. We also provided toggle keys in the setting to increase the visibility of various AR elements in the course. When there is more than one player in the team, the user can get a replay on individual players and analyze the game crucially hiding the details of other players using the toggle keys. Our client wanted their viewers to enjoy a complete immersive AR experience without the UI/UX 2D icons interrupting them. As a solution to that, we took a screenshot and placed it in the front so that the viewers can watch the course undisturbed. While developing this solution the major challenge we faced was a heating issue which we resolved timely. We also developed an engaging game session where the fans can choose their favorite players and win amazing prizes. Our team provided around-the-clock rapid development support and updated the latest details of the game in a 30-sec interval.

The solutions incorporated were:

  • visualization of the golf trajectory, player cards, golf ground model
  • CPS (Camera-based positioning system) for registration with AR
  • Camera button to capture screen recordings excluding the 2D elements which can be shared over Airdrop, mail, etc.
  • toggle keys to increase the visibility of various AR elements

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Today live events are no longer just about watching a game. Eager and enthusiastic superfans expect a tailored mix of physical and digital experiences across their phones, tablets, and anywhere else they might find themselves at a venue. Our unique and first-of-its-kind AR-based immersive application can enrich user engagement in golf tournaments. With the application, the users can watch immersive visual content with all the intricate details of the game in real life.
With the adoption of our mobile AR app, it was possible for our client to provide:

  • rich user experience to the audience
  • eye-catching visual contents with useful information about the players, shot trajectory, distance, time, speed, etc.
  • entertaining and interactive details to enjoy the game to the fullest
  • AR visualization to provide an out-of-the-world immersive golf experience