Healthcare Technology

Expertise in developing custom software solutions for the healthcare domain

Patient Awareness and Resources

  • Mobile App for Patient awareness & guidance
  • Indoor maps and way finding
  • Financial assistance
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Categorization for sharing relevant medical camps & guidance
  • Custom Content Management systems

Diagnostic Imaging and Visualization

  • Image classification to assist in medical diagnosis
  • Pre & Post Operative Planning software for body implants
  • DICOM Presenter – to support DICOM files & video, with annotations.
  • 3D Reconstruction and Rendering for Cardio Vascular structures
  • Image management for Dental clinic.

Management Systems

  • Web & Mobility Solutions for Patient Appointment and Scheduling.
  • EMR integration to Epic
  • Veterinary data collection & management with RFID tags
  • User-levels and Profile Management along with Geo-fencing technology.
  • Status tracking along with offline syncing.

Healthcare Analytics

  • Applying Data Analytics techniques to provide meaningful insights about patient’s health status
  • Analyze diagnostic data including electro cardiac stability, ectopic beat and others

Our Work

Healthcare Products
  • Product Engineering
  • Testing
  • Dicom

Medical Software developer in Japan for whom we developed a web based system through which doctors can securely transfer medical images and transplantation planning details.

Developed a visualization solution for vascular reconstruction.

Patient Awareness
  • Product Engineering
  • Mobile App

App designed to assist In-patient as well as Outpatient for our hospital client.

Support EMR integration, Way finding, Notifications, Scheduling and more.

Veterinary Management
  • Product Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • Web Mobile App

We developed a Web and mobile app to manage and track data herds of animals for our Veterinary practice management client.

Data from embedded NFC mircochips was analyzed and shared on platform

Case Study

Healthcare Assistance
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Design

Developed a web portal for a clinical data research and SAS provider for uploading and managing clinical records that analyzes reports and suggests the standards fit for the final submission to the government authorities.

Patient Feedback
  • Product Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Analytics

App powering patient feedback at leading Boston Medical and Dana Darber.

Mobile app to collect patient feedback & back end analytics for hospital administration team.

Assistive Technology
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Built mobile app for blind users working with our client – a pioneer of accessible GPS.

Case Study