Industrial Automation

Industrial automation in factories and production units maximizes returns through improved control and efficiency. Such automation is made possible by extremely complex software that enables industrial automation to control various devices, processes and machines that replace manual work. Travancore Analytics has vast experience in software development for the automation industry ranging from developing frameworks, sensors, servers, and equipment to manage the operations and processes in industrial automation.


Our custom SCADA/HMI solutions include Human Machine Interface (HMI) & Development, Custom SCADA development, Plant Mimic displays & user interface and Alarm Monitoring and Processing.


Our Data Acquisition software development services include PC based Data Acquisition system, Data Logger Software Development, Trend display development, Device Configuration Management.

Driver Development

Experience in developing drivers for Modbus (Modbus RTU and Modbus TCP), OPC (OLE for Process Control), HART protocol, SEMI standards (HSMS, SECS-I, SECS-II, GEM), MTConnect (R), IEC 61850 (Substation Automation), ABB TotalFlow.

Internet of Things

Gateway system to connect to sensors that measure parameters like temperature, pressure, flow, level, etc. The data from gateways are collected in a centralized cloud system to monitor and control from remote devices.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is not just to predict when an equipment failure might occur, but also to prevent the occurrence of a possible failure by analyzing historical data. This enables maintenance to be planned long before any failure occurs.

Remote Monitoring

Manufacturers stay connected to their equipment and provide the opportunity for suppliers and end users to share information with each other faster and more efficiently. They are able to identify discrepancies along packaging lines in real time using the data from remote monitoring devices.