IoT & Industrial Automation

SCADA to Industrial IoT platforms, we have the expertise

Develop Plug-ins & Connectors

  • Expertise in proprietary and standard communication protocols like RS232, TCP/IP, Modbus, HART, ABB TotalFlow, MTConnect, OPC and more.
  • Develop plug-ins using legacy device manufacturer documentation on platforms like C++ or C#.
  • Helping IoT platform providers build and test Gateways & Connectors.

IoT solution Architecture

  • MQTT has established itself as the most popular choice for data exchange between various subsystems in an IoT implementation.
  • MQTT is light and has a small footprint, making it suitable for even small devices.
  • Cloud platforms like AWS and Azure provide support for MQTT. There are also other implementations like Mosquitto.

Custom Human Machine Interface (HMI)

  • Real time and historical trend displays
  • Mimic diagrams
  • Alarm displays and more

Machine Learning Preventive Maintenance

  • Applying ML and industrial knowledge to implement predictive maintenance
  • Performing root cause analysis of defects
  • Enabling remote diagnostics

Key Projects

Industrial Automation
  • Product Engineering
  • Plug In development

Developed SCADA Gateway for software arm of Fortune 500 industrial giant.

MTConnect modules built for this engagement.

Case Study

Automotive Display System
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface & Visualization
  • Maintenance

Worked with automotive engineering client team to build Real-time displays for embedded automotive systems.

houston radar
Traffic Monitoring
  • Product Engineering
  • Web App
  • Data visualization

Rendered development support for web-based Data Analysis and Reporting Tool for their low power Radar products used by traffic operators.  Intuitive dashboard view to monitor of traffic speeds of multiple locations with quick drill down into detailed live charts.

  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Developed customized simulation software for tube processing machinery manufacturers thereby providing an economically feasible solution.

Consulting & Services
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development
  • Maintenance

Worked with an experienced team of Business Consultants and rendered product development services, mostly for the automotive sector.

HVAC System Analysis
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Worked with an engineering team focused on HVAC systems.

Developed web & mobility solutions for analyzing the overall functioning of HVAC systems.

Home Automation
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Worked with a building automation services provider.

Developed a mobile application for their home automation products.

Engineering software
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development
  • Maintenance

Built MVP for engineering software startup. Developed web app to generate custom engineering drawings on demand & viewer.

  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development

TechnoStaff provides three core services: Plant Diagnosis, Plant Maintenance and System Development.

Provided our technical expertise in developing a Predictive Analysis Tool that monitors and checks for the status of the hardware used in petro-chemical refineries

Emergency Support
  • Product Engineering
  • Maintenance & testing
  • Web App IoT integration

Built data platform for coordination and response to wildfires for technology client. Facilitating evacuation planning & mapping by analyzing real time sensor data.