The Evolving Workplace..

A human being approximately spends a third of his lifetime at his workplace on an average. Work defines a person – professionally, socially and also plays a great role in his personal life as well. It becomes a home away from home for a person.

Physical energy is very much required when we work. However mental energy or the drive is necessary to achieve targets on time, generally for all jobs and especially in the IT domain. It is ultimately a happy and peaceful mind that increases focus and concentration. That, in turn, increases the productivity of a person.

What creates a happy environment of work? A place which radiates positive energy. Isn’t it?

The environment where a person interacts with play a great role in determining their attitude. If one is in a humid and dark atmosphere, they will most probably be dull in their activities. If one is surrounded by a bright and happy space, their actions will radiate positive enthusiasm. 

Employees spend a lot of their time inside their office. Physical environments influence a person’s well-being and directly influence their work performance and productivity. Air quality, temperature, lighting, and noise conditions in an office affect the work concentration and productivity of an employee.

Other than physical environments, the interaction among team members, other colleagues or people within the premises determine the overall mental drive of a person to work. After all, the workplace should not be a place one needs to go to, but must be a place one wants to go to. It is a home away from home after all…

You can definitely go to work in a place where you are offered these: right mentoring, flexible working environment, cooperative team and colleagues, adept compensation and where you will evolve for the better. It is the challenge, that an enthusiastic person looks forward to – especially in the corporate sector. The wide spectrum of domains to work on, the satisfaction in completing that challenge, all determines the overall satisfaction of an employee and thereby results in the growth of a company.

The nerves of the TA system are the employees and they drive the system forward. The office spaces with cubicles and partitions are of a bygone era. An open workspace is a recent trend. It increases cooperation and interaction among colleagues and in a way paves way for more natural light to pass through, making it a much brighter space. Always one to go with the trends in the corporate world, our new office space is built keeping these aspects in mind.

As for our valued customers, we share the same ideology as Shri M K Gandhi. Our Quality Policy adheres to the same such that we institutionalize the desire towards quality to achieve excellence in business and customer satisfaction adopting quality improvement as a journey.

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