The Ultimate Sports Fan Experience

Sports fan experience
Sports fan experience

Fans are the lifeblood of any sports team. They motivate players to perform better and drive revenues for the team owners. Engaging with fans and analyzing their behavioral patterns are therefore of paramount importance to team owners. But how can team owners do this? That too, as unobtrusively as possible. A system that provides the ultimate sports fan experience while gathering fan data for the owners could be the answer.

Jake is a fan, a big-time fan of the football team, the New York Ninjas.  He keeps himself updated about his team’s activities by googling news articles about them and checking up on their Twitter and Instagram pages.  He tries to catch every game they play in especially if at their home stadium – Cloverfield Stadium. He is the dream fan that every team owner can hope for- dedicated, loyal and a true football enthusiast.  And for that very reason, the New York Ninjas have come up with a system to provide the ultimate sports fan experience to Jake and others like him. The only thing that Jake needs to do is install a few apps on his phone!

Fan Engagement

So Jake has installed the Ninja’s app. The Follow them feature of the app aggregates all the social media updates of the Ninjas and any news related to them. Now Jake can keep track of all the latest Ninja updates without having to follow them across multiple social media accounts. The app also gives him information (bio, stats, etc.) about past and current players. If Jake wants he can purchase Ninja wallpapers and screensavers for his phone. He can also purchase selected clips of previous games. The app has a Virtual Reality player which will enable him to watch these videos in panoramic view. He can also share these videos with friends through various social networks. The app notifies him of a game coming up next Sunday at the Cloverfield. He wants to go, of course! He opens the app and picks a seat of his choice from those displayed (app users have the first choice of seats before the tickets go on sale).Sports Fan App


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