VR/AR Development Framework

MagicView – VR/AR App Development Framework

The MagicView is a custom VR/AR app development framework built for the modern app generation system. Drag and drop pieces of content to create apps instantly across several VR and AR platforms and devices. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that MagicView can act both as a native SDK and a Unity Plugin, to build native VR/AR apps and for the Unity 3D Engine respectively.

Web Portal :

It can be used to upload 360° videos in 2D & 3D. Users can also add video descriptions & define content categories. In-App purchases can be decided through this portal.

Content Encryption :

The first 80 bits of the content will get encrypted and the decryption will take place after the download. It can handle content in 4K, HD, & Full HD resolutions.

Mobile App :

A custom player integrated to playback various pieces of content for different VR gear platforms. Custom Live Chat and push notification to communicate latest updates are also integrated.