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Optimizing Customer Experiences Through Customer Call Analytics Platform

Best Online Assessment Platform with Generative AI

Development of a Robotics Arm

robotic arm design and development

AI-Powered Inventory Management System Software for Warehouse Efficiency

Beyond the Roads: Empowering Traffic Monitoring System using Radar

The OTT Platform App Development: Breakthrough for Industry Leaders

Production Line Quality Control

Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Shoes Redefining Comfort and Health

Ship Inspection Analysis using Power BI

Enhancing Real-Time Object Detection using FPGA

Enhancing Security with a Smart and Secure AI-based Surveillance System

Fire Evacuation Management Platform Development

Immersive VR Training for Subsea Gas and Pipeline Repair

VR forklift training: The next evolution for OSHA-compliant training

Crafting the best Vehicle Management System app UI/UX experience

vehicle management system

Mobile App Automation Testing using Appium for Wine-Sommelier Application

Patient Information Management System built on Guideline Management Tools

Guideline and Workflow Management Platform for healthcare providers

Cloud-based Mobility Aid Device Tag Solution

Service Animal Travel Solutions to make your airline travel more accessible

IoT-based HVAC Monitoring System for Industries

Outdoor Navigation App for Blind: Reimagine Travel Independence

outdoor navigation app for blind

Real-time Data Monitoring System for Satellite Subsystems

AR for Education: New Scopes to Revolutionize Training

Immersive Virtual Reality in Aviation Training

Seamless End-to-End Mobile AR Golf Experience

Smart E-commerce Shopping Experience Through AR

Logistics Management Software Solutions for Navare

An Analysis on Coastal Erosion in Trivandrum Using ODC

Transforming Learning Through VR

Engaging Content Streaming Experience Through VR