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We live in an era when technology advances at a breakneck pace; from homes to industries and businesses, Internet of Things has become commonplace in all walks of life bringing a large number of everyday devices into the digital fold to make them smarter and better than ever before by connecting everything and everyone.

This cutting-edge technology not only connects the device to the internet, but also offers the user a variety of features such as real-time analytics, a platform for analyzing the collected data, cloud data storage, the ability to trigger an action from a remote location, remote notifications, and so on. With its broad range of uses, IoT technology can be implemented in practically any industry. From edge devices/sensors to cloud and mobile/web applications, we are the experts in end-to-end IoT solution development services. Our expert team serves the complete life cycle from concept, prototype design, manufacturing, and support.

Our leading IoT app development services address all the Industry 4.0 challenges and deliver insights through the use of breakthrough IoT solutions.

“When wireless is perfectly applied the whole earth will be converted into a huge brain, which in fact
it is, all things being particles of a real and rhythmic whole. We shall be able to communicate with one another instantly, irrespective of distance.” -Nikola Tesla

IoT Development


End-to-end implementation and integration of IoT devices into your infrastructure

Hardware & Firmware Development

No matter what your requirements are, our hardware experts can design, develop and bring your industry 4.0 ideas to life. Our extensive experience extends from building cutting-edge hardware as well as wireless gear for sensors to mesh networking. We can work closely with you throughout your whole life cycle of the hardware development process, assisting you in choosing the ideal architecture, design, microprocessors, and manufacturing process. Our team of expert engineers provides efficient solutions in developing lightweight firmware applications suiting the client's demands

Sensor Identification

In this age of Industry 4.0, businesses, organizations, utilities, and manufacturers are constantly seeking ways to improve workflow and business operations through the use of sensor technology. When it comes to sensor-based technologies, our experts at TA can leverage the power of the technology in order to better address business difficulties, streamline work processes, and boost efficiency. The sensors based on the application shall be chosen based on working conditions and resolution necessary and keeping an eye on cost-efficiency.

Data Acquisition

Our advanced data acquisition solutions best suits any industries or business requirements. Our data acquisition solutions provides the necessary interface between sensors and human operators and can be used to monitor conditions in many different kinds of environments and make necessary adjustments.

Cloud/Mobile App Development

Our robust and scalable IoT application development services for mobile and cloud are designed to help you run your business more efficiently. We use cutting-edge digital technologies to create everlasting products. We develop custom cloud apps that store & process data along with companion mobile apps to harness the power of connected devices and empower enterprises with data-driven business insights.

Analytics and Visualization

We specialize in developing IoT data visualization and analytics solutions for enterprises. We are experts at developing IoT solutions to perform advanced-level data analysis that suits best your business requirements.

Predictive Maintenance

Applying ML and industrial knowledge to implement predictive maintenance to optimize performance in real-time including downtime, detecting anomalies, and tracking device status. Performing root cause analysis of defects, enabling remote diagnostics.

Edge Gateways

To manage and control a complex IoT environment with multiple connectivity options, protocols, types of devices, dispersed systems, and an ever-growing number of connected devices requires an Edge Gateway with the right hardware and firmware that ensures adequate computational power and capacity.

End-to-end Testing

The sheer volume of data generated and communicated by an IoT Solution deployment necessitates a high level of technical sophistication. As a result, holistic approach is essential when testing IoT applications and solutions. Our broad experience with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and frameworks enables automated and end-to-end testing to increase test coverage, ensure application accuracy, shorten time to market, and minimize costs, among other benefits.

Develop Plug-ins & Connectors

Proficiency with proprietary and industry-standard communication protocols such as RS232, TCP/IP, Modbus, HART, ABB TotalFlow, MTConnect, and OPC. We specialize in designing plug-ins on platforms such as C++ or C# using legacy device manufacturer documentation. Our skilled team can assist IoT platform providers with the development and testing of Gateways and Connectors.

Technology Stack

IoT Toolkit is a collection of libraries that enable communication with modern IoT-based environments and devices. It is a high-performance collection of libraries optimized for low memory consumption in RAM and ROM, high speed, and versatility on any device.


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Cloud Platform

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IoT framework and Programming

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We help enterprises, start-ups, and OEMs build connected devices and IoT gateways communicating over different connectivity protocols providing cloud collaboration solutions and services (SaaS, PaaS, migration, integration) to serve cloud-ready IoT solutions to various industries.



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