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The need for mobile apps cannot be overstated in a world where everything is done with mobile phones. At Travancore Analytics, we offer custom mobile app development services that meet your specific business demands, while keeping in perspective the ever-evolving technological landscape. We’re dedicated to providing you with more than just code. Our commitment is to deliver solutions that are not only robust and user-friendly but also guarantee success. Our dedicated team ensures a seamless initial launch and guides you to envision and achieve your business goals. From unlocking the potential of IoT to pioneering blockchain and augmented reality solutions, we create bespoke mobile apps that address real-world needs.

Empowering cross-platform innovation, we also craft hybrid mobile apps for iOS and Android, using the competence of React Native and other cutting-edge technologies. Our approach enables us to code once, seamlessly delivering native functionality on both iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, we employ native languages like Swift for Apple devices and Kotlin for Android devices to create apps, using frameworks that offer the latest platform updates, optimal design, and platform specific user experience, animation, and navigation. Also, our expert automation engineers have crafted a customized test automation framework using tools like Selenium (Web) and Appium (Mobile), reducing testing cycles from days to hours.

We adhere to proven processes, from detailed design documentation to agile testing and post-launch support, ensuring successful and efficient mobile app development. Our team excels in various aspects of app development, showcasing expertise in key areas such as SDK development and integration, database systems, API integrations, integration with IoT/SCADA devices, security compliance with PCI/HIPAA standards, video streaming, AR/VR app development, navigational and white label app development. We also specialize in analytics to ensure comprehensive and effective solutions. We provide intelligent and innovative solutions to meet your enterprise mobile app needs. Our developers have an intuitive grasp of the latest technologies, creating unique solutions that set you apart in the competitive market. Rest assured, regardless of complexity, we have the expertise to deliver exceptional results.

Our all-Inclusive
mobile app development services


Enhance your business with our wide range of mobile app development services


Native Mobile App Development

Give your organization a competitive edge with our talented team of mobile app developers. We specialize in developing native apps that provide rich platform-specific user experiences, navigation, animations, and integrations tailored to your business and security needs. With our wealth of expertise, we provide customized solutions, including iOS, Android, tablets, iPads, AR, and other custom native apps, to ensure that your business objectives are successfully met.


Hybrid Mobile App Development

As industry-leading experts in hybrid mobile app development, our skilled developers bring years of expertise to reach customers across all channels to accelerate business growth through cross-platform compatibility, cost reduction, and faster time-to-market. Employing a single codebase for multiple platforms enables efficient audience reach, ensuring a seamless user experience and contributing to the overall success of your business expansion.


Progressive Web App Development

TA offers Progressive Web Applications (PWAs), which combine mobile apps and user- friendly websites, resulting in a seamless, customized experience that boosts conversion rates and user satisfaction. By using a unified codebase for iOS, Android, and web assets, PWAs enable businesses to create robust, user-friendly, and secure applications for your specific needs. They offer a hassle-free release process that eliminates the need for an app store installation or review procedures.


Wearables and Embedded Software

We specialize in developing companion apps for various wearable devices, seamlessly integrating them with smart devices and proprietary peripherals. Our wearable apps optimize data accessibility, health monitoring, and device control, providing users with a cohesive experience. Embedded software integration enables seamless communication with connected devices, expanding their capabilities.


Cloud App Development

Upgrade your IT system with cloud technology for 20x growth and 2x ROI. Partner with TA for expert cloud services, ensuring resilient, robust applications on top platforms. Leverage cloud-native features to maximize your app's efficiency, promoting innovation, scalability, and rapid growth. We harness modern technologies and tools such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud to construct secure and scalable apps, ensuring the achievement of your intended outcomes.


UI/UX Design

Elevate user engagement and boost sales through visually stunning designs crafted by our skilled developers at TA. We aim to thoroughly analyze your business persona, aligning it with robust UI/UX design and development services to meet your objectives. Our tailored product development process and top-notch code quality ensure seamless integration of design elements, catering precisely to your business needs while minimizing risks.


Mobile app integration

Being experts in a wide range of APIs, our goal is to ensure that your software seamlessly integrates with back ends and any third-party applications. This includes integrating APIs, third-party services, databases, and IoT devices, ensuring efficient data flow and functionality, and ultimately enhancing the app's performance, usability, and user experience.


Testing and QA

Mobile application testing services at TA involve a comprehensive evaluation of mobile apps to ensure they meet quality and performance standards. Our skilled testers assess functionality, usability, security, and compatibility across diverse devices and platforms. Our team of mobile app testing specialists ensures that your app delivers an impeccable user experience and runs smoothly on all target devices with appropriate OS and browsers.


Maintenance and support

Travancore Analytics offers comprehensive application support for L1, L2, and L3, along with corrective, adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance services for your mobile software. Our prompt and result-oriented maintenance solutions are designed to increase user loyalty, satisfaction, and competition in the market. Our support services include technical assistance, performance monitoring, security updates, user analytics, compatibility testing, backup solutions, documentation, and adherence to app store guidelines.

Apps for Every Need:
TA’s Specialized Solutions


We specialize in creating mobile apps for startups, enterprises, and diverse industries, delivering unmatched solutions through extensive expertise


Management Systems

TA's user-friendly mobile apps streamline patient appointment management, improve logistics and supply chain efficiency, optimize physician assistance workflows, enhance food order management, and provide real-time inventory management for increased productivity across diverse sectors.


VR/AR/XR Enablement

Experience a tech-forward world with our app solutions that bring innovation to life. Immerse yourself in live media streaming via VR Head-Mounted Displays and revolutionize your education and entertainment with AR-powered learning systems. Streamline content management with robust systems for efficient organization and delivery of tailored multimedia.


Social Networking

Elevate your social networking experiences with TA's mobile app development, putting you at the forefront of meaningful connections and efficient communication. Our user-friendly solutions empower you to simplify content sharing, allowing for easy scanning and filtering of sensitive material, ensuring a safer online environment. Stay ahead of the weather with our efficient data sharing and integration, tailored to your diverse preferences and keeping you consistently updated.


Community Welfare

Navigate emergencies with our real-time fire evacuation planning app for a swift response. Enjoy increased mobility and independence with our navigation app designed for the visually impaired. Support inclusive learning for children with developmental abilities through our assistive app. Ensure peace of mind for parents and caregivers with our safety app, facilitating secure pick-ups for school children.


Learning/Coaching Platforms

Experience a seamless and user-friendly mobile app that caters to diverse learning needs, enhancing the educational journey in executive coaching, simulations, and quiz-based learning. Our personalized apps elevate learning and coaching. Engage with interactive in-flight training and quizzes for effective knowledge retention tailored to your learning needs.


Automation/Monitoring Systems

Power your home with mobility-driven automation, providing seamless control over appliances. For HVAC temperature monitoring, our systems offer real-time tracking, ensuring optimal climate control. Enjoy user-friendly interfaces and efficient functionalities of our mobile apps that enhance home automation and HVAC monitoring experiences, simplifying your daily life, and ensuring comfort.


Mobile Banking

Experience secure, convenient, and user-friendly mobile banking with TA. Manage your finances seamlessly using our feature-rich mobile apps, enabling easy fund transfers, bill payments, and account monitoring. Prioritizing your security, we offer robust measures. Enjoy a suite of services that revolutionizes banking accessibility, giving you control at your fingertips for a streamlined and efficient financial management experience.


Sports and Fitness

Elevate your sports and fitness journey with our exclusive app development services. Experience personalized fitness plans, track injuries, manage teams, and enjoy live streaming. Easily buy tickets, monitor sports inventory and access AR-enabled experiences. Benefit from geofencing features and effortlessly book sports facilities. Empower your fitness routine with user-friendly tools designed to enhance every aspect of your sports and fitness engagement.


Retail and Digital Commerce

We create seamless digital commerce platforms, minimizing purchase friction, elevating conversion rates, and ensuring exceptional customer service. Excite shoppers with robust user experience, personalization, and real-time social integration. Offer flexibility with financing, BNPL, crypto payments, and streamline processes through ERP & PIM Integration for your team's efficiency.

Why Choose TA for Your Mobile Project?

With a wealth of industry expertise and a commitment to cutting-edge technologies, we continually evolve to deliver optimal mobile development solutions for your business. As a trusted app development company, we guide you seamlessly from onboarding to engaging navigation, ensuring immense customer satisfaction and heightened conversions. Our feature-rich mobile app development spans secure authentication, smooth in-app payments, and glitch-free video conferencing. Partner with us for powerful applications, supported by a robust backend capable of handling substantial user loads comfortably. Our developers adhere to OWASP Secure Coding Practices and ensure compliance with security standards, including GDPR and HIPAA. From Apple Watch to Android Wear, IoT, and Wearables, we're here to turn your ideas into reality. We focus on your development needs, taking your business concepts from ideas to fully developed apps on the platforms that matter to you. Consider us your all-in-one IT partner for end-to-end solutions.

Key Projects

Virtual Showroom

Smart and secure AI-based mobile application

We built a Flutter-based app, integrating AI for intelligent alerts and object detection, prioritizing privacy with local data storage. The app supports various camera types, customizable user permissions, and user-friendly features such as feedback options and personalized alerts for a seamless surveillance experience.

Virtual Showroom

Transport Management System

We delivered a comprehensive web and mobile platform that enables efficient scanning and tracking of inbound and outbound freight transfers between locations. This will ensure timely and automatic updates of vital fixes and critical delivery information to their depot staff, customers and truck drivers without any delays.

Virtual Showroom

End-to-End Mobile AR Experience

As sports continue to evolve, the importance of digital technology is becoming essential. From smartphones to Augmented Reality, the new generation of fans is no longer interested in going to a stadium just for the live experience. Hence AR-based immersive experience could take the experience to another level.

Virtual Showroom

Outdoor Navigation App for Blind

Accurate indoor and outdoor navigation software for vision challenged and others.

Virtual Showroom

AI Powered Wine Sommelier App

The AI powered digital sommelier app helps the user to order the best wine available from the restaurant based on the their tastes and preference.

Virtual Showroom

E-learning Mobile App for Students

An application build to help students build into confident, resilient, successful, adults with good social skills and the ability to learn independently. The mobile application is the client-side application which the tutors use as the tool to administer students in their learning.