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  • Enterprise training

  • Student education

  • Educator analytics insights

VR and AR Based Training Aid

  • AR-VR Based Training Aid
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Self Learning & Distance Learning
Distributed training mechanism with the help of AR and VR technologies which could assist in the self-study of engine parts, aircraft, and all other equipment without any instructor.


Analytics for Online Learning

  • MVP build
  • Web app
  • Data analytics

Enterprise data visualization portal for online learning provider. Provides insights into student enrollment data. Combined diverse data sources like Oracle, Salesforce & others external sources.


Aviation Training

  • Product Engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile & web app

App to coach future pilots using cockpit training videos inside the Boeing 737-800. Mentour Aviation app was designed to view 360॰ videos through the Google Cardboard and also through your smartphone.

Augmented Reality Media Sharing

  • MVP build
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Engaging students and participants with engaging AR experiences Mobile App. Built front end app and back end content management system to deliver compelling AR experiences.


Online quiz

  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Developed web-mobile portal for Norwegian skill based gaming provider.

The portal has multiplayer games and tournaments, integrated with multi-tiered compensation platforms.


Online Training Platform

  • Effective Tutoring For Students
  • Easily Accessible & Maintainable
  • Reports Can Be Generated

Developed web-mobile applications for students.

The web application is used by the administrators of the program. The mobile application is mainly used by tutors.