Education & Training

EdTech products combining rich content, collaboration and analytics.

  • Enterprise training
  • Student education
  • Educator analytics insights
VR and AR Based Training Aid
  • AR-VR Based Training Aid
  • Mobile & Web App
  • Self Learning & Distance Learning
Distributed training mechanism with the help of AR and VR technologies which could assist in the self-study of engine parts, aircraft, and all other equipment without any instructor.

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Analytics for Online Learning
  • MVP build
  • Web app
  • Data analytics

Enterprise data visualization portal for online learning provider. Provides insights into student enrollment data. Combined diverse data sources like Oracle, Salesforce & others external sources.

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Aviation Training
  • Product Engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile & web app

App to coach future pilots using cockpit training videos inside the Boeing 737-800. Mentour Aviation app was designed to view 360॰ videos through the Google Cardboard and also through your smartphone.

Augmented Reality Media Sharing
  • MVP build
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Engaging students and participants with engaging AR experiences Mobile App. Built front end app and back end content management system to deliver compelling AR experiences.

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Online quiz
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Developed web-mobile portal for Norwegian skill based gaming provider.

The portal has multiplayer games and tournaments, integrated with multi-tiered compensation platforms.

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Online Training Platform
  • Effective Tutoring For Students
  • Easily Accessible & Maintainable
  • Reports Can Be Generated

Developed web-mobile applications for students.

The web application is used by the administrators of the program. The mobile application is mainly used by tutors.

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Patient care powered by analytics, imaging and mobile technology.

  • Patient care & welfare
  • Diagnostic imaging aids
  • Clinical analytics
Healthcare Products
  • Product Engineering
  • Testing
  • Dicom

Medical Software developer in Japan for whom we developed a web based system through which doctors can securely transfer medical images and transplantation planning details.

Developed a visualization solution for vascular reconstruction.

Patient Awareness
  • Product Engineering
  • Mobile App

App designed to assist In-patient as well as Outpatient for our hospital client.

Support EMR integration, Way finding, Notifications, Scheduling and more.

Veterinary Management
  • Product Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • Web Mobile App

We developed a Web and mobile app to manage and track data herds of animals for our Veterinary practice management client.

Data from embedded NFC mircochips was analyzed and shared on platform

Case Study

Patient Feedback
  • Product Engineering
  • Maintenance
  • Analytics

App powering patient feedback at leading Boston Medical and Dana Darber.

Mobile app to collect patient feedback & back end analytics for hospital administration team.

Guidance Group Logo
Diagnosis & Treatment
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Design

Developed a web portal for a major player in the healthcare domain to build and manage a generic diagnosis support tool.

Case Study

Healthcare Assistance
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Design

Developed a web portal for a clinical data research and SAS provider for uploading and managing clinical records that analyzes reports and suggests the standards fit for the final submission to the government authorities.

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Industrial & Manufacturing

IoT/ SCADA, monitoring, analytics and interface design.

  • Gateway development
  • Real time IoT data Visualization
  • Device driver development
  • Human Machine Interface
Industrial Automation
  • Product Engineering
  • Plug In development

Developed SCADA Gateway for software arm of Fortune 500 industrial giant.

MTConnect modules built for this engagement.

Case Study

Automotive Display System
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface & Visualization
  • Maintenance

Worked with automotive engineering client team to build Real-time displays for embedded automotive systems.

houston radar
Traffic monitoring
  • Product Engineering
  • Web App
  • Data visualization

Rendered development support for web-based Data Analysis and Reporting Tool for their low power Radar products used by traffic operators.  Intuitive dashboard view to monitor of traffic speeds of multiple locations with quick drill down into detailed live charts.

Consulting & Services
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development
  • Maintenance

Worked with an experienced team of Business Consultants and rendered product development services, mostly for the automotive sector.

HVAC System Analysis
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Worked with an engineering team focused on HVAC systems.

Developed web & mobility solutions for analyzing the overall functioning of HVAC systems.

Home Automation
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Worked with a building automation services provider.

Developed a mobile application for their home automation products.

  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development

TechnoStaff provides three core services: Plant Diagnosis, Plant Maintenance and System Development.

Provided our technical expertise in developing a Predictive Analysis Tool that monitors and checks for the status of the hardware used in petro-chemical refineries

Engineering software
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development
  • Maintenance

Built MVP for engineering software startup. Developed web app to generate custom engineering drawings on demand & viewer.

  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Developed customized simulation software for tube processing machinery manufacturers thereby providing an economically feasible solution.

Media & Sports

Combining mobile, AR VR and real time video analytics.

  • End user immersive experience
  • Content management
  • Broadcaster App integration
VOKE logo
Virtual Reality Media Streaming
  • Mobile SDK Development & Integration
  • VR Media Streaming Support
  • Maintenance & testing

Developed  SDK for a technology company to integrate their offering with live broadcasters, adding VR streaming. Also end user experience with VR menu design & testing

Evacuation Management and Planning
  • Product Engineering
  • Maintenance & testing
  • Web App IoT integration

Built data platform for coordination and response to wildfires for technology client. Facilitating evacuation planning & mapping by analyzing real time sensor data.

OTN Logo
B2B Networking
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface development
  • Web portal

B2B networking app to avoid information overload with local content sensitivities.

Back end admin workflow for user & content management including AI service integration.

Imaging Technology
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Web App developed for an Institution affiliated to the Government of Kerala. It is a categorized database through which ministry personnel can review videos and comments from selected media.

Enterprise Solutions

Workflow automation with mobility, cloud and analytics.

  • Sales team
  • Finance team enablers
  • Operations team solutions
Financial Consultation
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

For a leading consulting firm we developed web app saving advisors time and improving user experience.

Modern web UX improving user experience support by chat for live collaboration.

Case Study

Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

A web & mobile platform through which one can scan and track the inbound and outbound transfer of freight from one place to another. The platform also allows for differentiated access for users and delegation of tasks.

CRM Solutions
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Engineering team for our SaaS provider client. Built CRM for SMBs. Cloud based Multi-tenant solution including predictive solutions.

Financial Analytics
  • Product Engineering
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Developed solutions spanning analytics, visualization and automation for a bank holding company specializing in credit cards and other banking systems.

Contract Management System
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Worked with a major engineering solutions provider in developing a contract management system that streamlines the bidding and project awarding process between enterprises.

Developed custom software for the management and processing of high resolution DICOM images


Integrating Social, AR and mobility solutions.

  • Design
  • Development
  • Migration
Food Pre-Ordering
  • Product Engineering
  • Interface Development

Developed mobile application for a player in the food retail domain.

Application used for pre-ordering food from restaurants including multiple payment systems.

Case Study

B2C Networking
  • Development
  • Migration
  • Online shopping platform

B2C networking website for housewares brand.

Online Shopping platform targetting a larger buyer-base

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B2C E-Commerce Custom Solution
  • Custom E-Commerce Solution
  • Guaranteed Data privacy
  • Online Shopping Platform

Generic solution platform for small and medium e-commerce enterprises.

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