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The idea you possess becomes a great product or service when the output aligns with the essential requirements. Even the smallest flaw might set off a never-ending spiral of customer resentment. Not only customers, but nobody wants a faulty product or service. Software testing services are what ensure the flawless performance of your software in the face of adversities. The effective deployment of your software is now dependent on a single, critical factor: the software testing services company you pick.

Software QA testing services will save you from the embarrassment incurred when the customers discover the fault in the software. Sparing you from this dilemma is a piece of cake for our testers at TA. We at Travancore Analytics, excel in the provision of quality assurance and testing services with a lifetime of experience in diverse verticals.


Testing is a process of discovering about your product through failures and successes. And a software testing services company is an aspect that will assist you with this procedure.

Software Testing
Services We Offer


Our team of highly skilled software application testers is exceptionally versed in a variety of testing tools and modern technologies. As a testing services company, we offer a plethora of software testing services, the most significant of which are given below:

Regression Testing

The addition of new features to existing or developing software may interfere in the proper operation of present features. Regression testing enables testers to alleviate this problem. This testing method ensures that any changes or additions to the software do not compromise with its existing functionalities.

Performance Testing

In order to stay on top of your game, your software’s performance must not fall short of the customer’s demands. Performance testing is the best technique to ensure that the software never fails in the face of adversity and that your customers are satisfied. It is a non-functional testing technique employed by software testing services companies to examine how well an application's stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness perform under a particular workload.

Security Testing

Specific features of confidentiality, integrity, authentication, availability, authorization, and non-repudiation are often included as part of security requirements. To ensure that everything is in order, the testers perform security testing, exposing the vulnerabilities in the software's security measures, that are responsible for safeguarding data and maintaining software functionalities.

Integration Testing

It's a relief when individual components or modules operate flawlessly, but that doesn't mean it will last forever. Chances are high that the integration of new elements will affect the functionalities of the entire group. In line with this, integration testing ensures the smooth and proper working of elements even after being integrated into a group.

Mobile Testing

The number of mobile phones and applications is growing on a regular basis. When developing a new application, you must test it to ensure that it functions properly. Our mobile application testing ensures that mobile application software is verified for functionality, usability, and consistency.

Cross-platform Testing

Almost never is an application designed for a specific platform, your app will be used across multiple platforms. Our testers make sure that your application operates across numerous web and mobile (Android & iOS) platforms by doing cross-platform testing.

AR/VR Testing

There are several elements that contribute to the smooth operation of AR/VR applications. The major factors that ensure the proper behavior of the software on the AR/VR gadgets include proper operation of the environment scan, redirection of the correct information from the AR/VR model, and so on. To validate the foregoing, our testers conduct AR/VR testing that includes functionality, usability, hardware, and immersive testing.

API Testing

User interface tests are typically inefficient for evaluating API service functionality and often fail to cover all areas of back-end testing. This can lead to persistent and stubborn issues lingering in the server or unit levels. API testing examines an application program interface to ensure that it performs as expected in terms of functionality, security, performance, and dependability.

Accessibility Testing

Making certain that your product or service is available to people all over the world is a necessary step for your business journey. Allow us to do an accessibility test on your web and mobile applications to ensure that they are accessible to people with disabilities and other physical or cognitive conditions.

System Testing

The idea of all the components coming together and working as they should is what is considered a successful end to the development process. However, it is prudent to test the entire system before deployment. Here, our tester runs test cases to ensure that the integrated and completed software will meet your desired criteria.

Usability Testing

The goal of any development process is to build something that is easy to use. Even if the product is of good quality, performance, and so on, the ultimate question is how simple the design is to use. Usability testing is the best way to ensure the simplicity of the software. It also investigates the end-users ease of use in terms of learning, operating, and preparing inputs and outputs.

UI Testing

Often, end-users are less concerned with how things operate in the background, what is in front of them and how they function is all that matters to them. In UI testing, our testers carry out a process of testing the visual parts of the software and checking whether they accurately satisfy the required performance and functionality of the software.

Technology Stack

The evolution of testing procedures, tools, and techniques has rendered the testing process a stand-alone act. As a software testing services company, we make certain that the skills of our expert team are complemented with cutting-edge testing tools.

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Key Projects

Virtual Showroom

Connector for distributed workforce

The application is set to assist enterprises in building their own private, secure, high-performance networks that connect all users, devices, and cloud services. And for the seamless operation of this software, a series of security and performance measures are required. We performed manual testing for the client, with a particular emphasis on cross-browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge) and cross-platform (Windows, Mac, and Linux) testing using tools such as Netcat.

Virtual Showroom

High scale test automation

One of the leading data science management platforms was determined to relieve people and organizations of the headaches and frustrations connected with the technical intricacies of data science. Thus, an open-source web application that can be installed and run locally to manage work in Python and R was developed. Our clients wanted us to automate specific tests, and our testing team using test automation conducted this task with precision.

Virtual Showroom

Accessible navigation for people with disabilities

The application provides accessibility-friendly navigation ensuring safety and accuracy for persons with disabilities. It gives the relevant data for outdoor positioning and assists both visually impaired and sighted users in navigating without difficulty. The client collaborated with TA to successfully build the Outdoor Navigation SDK. As part of the project, our testing team performed accessibility testing aligned with performance testing, regression testing, and other primary testing.

Virtual Showroom

VR Live Streaming

One of the fortune 500 companies presented us with a tough challenge, the VR live streaming of international sports and media events to a substantial crowd. We embraced the challenge and our testers employed API testing as well as automation testing utilizing Selenium for the successful deployment of the project.

Virtual Showroom

State of the art evacuation planner

It is an application designed to assist officials in planning for the evacuation of the cities/zones in the event of an emergency. As a part of the testing phase, we conducted both automated and manual testing, with a focus on visual regression, performance testing, and accessibility testing.

Software Testing FAQ


Software Testing Frequently Asked Questions

The determination of the appropriate testing for the desired outcome might get complicated. Various factors, such as test scenarios, efficiency, project budget, and so on, play a crucial role in landing you on the right test that can meet your needs. Keeping these variables in mind and running multiple tests to find the one that assures the smooth working of your software can be time-consuming and stressful. We can confidently state that our team can provide you with a solution. Our goal is to provide excellent software QA testing services. We make certain that you have the necessary plan and execution.

We are a firm with more than 14 plus years of experience in the field of technology. Thanks to our hands-on and expert team in building and testing a variety of software and services for VR live streaming, web and mobile applications, and so on, across diverse verticals. Delivering such committed services has catapulted us to the forefront of the industry. Our expertise can also be realized from the number of our long-term clients.

We have a well-structured procedure for ensuring that the testing process runs as smoothly as possible. We make every effort to emphasize your selection of a specific set of testing services. However, there could be a conflict between the software testing service chosen and the requirements to be met. In such cases, we make every effort to keep you out of such a predicament. We will formulate the requirements and select the ideal framework for you. This is followed by the development of a testing method plan, conceptualization, and execution. At last, the defects are discovered and dealt with as needed. In the end, the only thing we care about is the deployment of your dependable software.

Yes, we are quite good at it. We make certain that our software QA testing service analyzes the performance, security, scalability, and dependability of applications on our QA tester's cloud computing environment. The ODO project we undertook is a testimony to our superior stand in cloud-based testing services.

When choosing a framework for a project, initially the project's requirements are taken into account. Following that, a complete plan is developed, and the framework for making it happen is determined. We also have tremendous experience in dealing with any framework that you demand.

We are a highly competent QA software testing service team with years of expertise, long-term clients, and robust development and testing process. These characteristics reflect our testing expertise as well as the values associated with TA collaboration.

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