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It’s hard to overstate the need for cloud computing. What once was considered an intriguing technological possibility has now evolved into a vital component for the survival and expansion of businesses. Fast-changing marketplace demands are forcing organizations to embrace change and move to modern applications that can run on the cloud and drive cost efficiency and agility. Travancore Analytics’ cloud application development services focus on developing born-on-the-cloud bespoke applications that help organizations keep pace with the ever-changing competitive landscape. Our objective is to help organizations unlock the real value of the cloud by connecting their cloud journey to their business strategy while ensuring improved productivity, cost savings, and faster time to market. With this objective in mind, we collaborate closely with you as your cloud solutions partner assessing your goals, analyzing the full spectrum of options, creating a roadmap, defining, and developing the right cloud solution, and managing them at scale. We also help you deploy custom applications on the cloud securely.

If you are looking for a reliable cloud application development partner, you have come to the right place. With the merit of having helped many companies with our cloud application development and migration services, our team of cloud professionals with deep domain and technical expertise is fully equipped to deliver solutions that meet the unique demands of your enterprise. Our full-cycle cloud application development services include designing, developing, deploying, and operating cloud solutions. As a leading cloud development company, we ensure that our cloud-based apps are not only fully functional but are also scalable and future-proof. Whether it’s building a simple application on the cloud or migrating a complex mission-critical business application to the cloud, we can help while ensuring continuity and compliance. Start your cloud development journey today with Travancore Analytics!

Core Cloud Offerings


We offer full-cycle development services to create cloud applications from start to finish.


Cloud Integration Services

Empower your APIs, databases, and network resources with seamless integration to cloud services and EDI endpoints. We prioritize process integrity and guarantee smooth communication between cloud applications and your existing systems. Trust us to mitigate any risk of disruption.


Cloud-Based Web & Mobile App Development

Whether you need quick integration with AWS or Azure, or custom development, we create scalable, efficient, and responsive apps using advanced technologies like microservices, serverless architecture, and containers. TA provides technical expertise to help clients get flexible and adaptable cloud-based apps.


Application Modernization and Migration

We seamlessly migrate databases, servers, business applications, and business processes to cloud platforms that suit your organization's workflow requirements. Our experienced team possesses comprehensive expertise in cloud migration, whether it involves transferring legacy applications to the cloud or moving applications between different cloud platforms.


Cloud Strategy and Consulting

From architecture and infrastructure to deployment, integration, optimization, delivery, and support, our technical cloud consultation services cover every aspect. We will collaborate with you to comprehend your business requirements, existing application architectures, and needs, in order to provide innovative and purpose-driven cloud solutions. Our approach includes strategic advice on selecting the most suitable frameworks for your specific needs.

Why Choose TA For Cloud Development?

TA provides clear plans for implementing cloud technology, along with a stable and flexible architecture, ongoing maintenance, and real-time application support. Our expertise in deep tech and cloud skills, along with industry and domain knowledge and advanced delivery techniques, can accelerate your company’s business transformation. Our cloud development solutions are scalable, secure, and designed to optimize the user experience and ROI.

From strategy and planning to implementation and training, we help your business successfully transition to the cloud. Our team has a proven track record of multiple successful implementations and an agile global team that includes a large pool of certified engineers. Our certified AWS and Azure cloud developers adhere to meticulously crafted processes to deliver top-notch solutions that go beyond your expectations.


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Cloud Benefits


Take full advantage of the cloud’s power


Scalable Solutions

We understand that every business considers expansion at some point. Our cloud development services offer the advantage of easily scaling your application up or down in response to demand. This adaptability enables your app to handle varying traffic volumes without requiring significant changes to its architecture, resulting in cost-effective and efficient resource allocation.


Operational Savings

Developing cloud apps eliminates the need for upfront hardware investments, infrastructure costs, and IT staff maintenance expenses. You don't have to buy expensive hardware and software or pay for their setup and installation. With pay-as-you-go pricing, you only pay for the resources you use, making it more cost-efficient to develop, test, and maintain your applications.


Secure Data Storage

We offer robust security strategies to reduce cyber-attack and data breach risks. In-transit data is protected using SSL and secure design strategies, while data stored in data stores is encrypted. Our data centers are equipped with specialized networks and backups for enhanced security. Trust us to safeguard your business and give you peace of mind, knowing that your data is fully protected.


Reliable Solutions

Cloud services play a crucial role in keeping the most important data of your business safe. However, it is important to have robust integration software to ensure smooth functioning. Even a brief failure can cripple an entire firm. Therefore, we make every effort to provide reliable solutions that can handle heavy data loads. Our design strategy involves creating app architectures, developing, and deploying applications that can automatically recover from failure.


Rapid Time-to-Market

The process of software development can be made faster by using cloud app development. Developers can take advantage of pre-built services and infrastructure components offered by cloud platforms, which helps them reduce the time required for coding, testing, and deployment. This ultimately speeds up the time-to-market, enhances collaboration, and provides flexibility in responding to changing needs.


Easy Management

There are many people involved in using cloud solutions, including technical specialists and business managers. However, designing the configuration tools with only experts in mind could lead to excluding other team members. To effectively manage different user groups in cloud solutions, communication, resources, and interfaces must be tailored to meet the unique needs of each user. Our easy management solutions provide comprehensive options for professionals and simplified choices for non-experts.


Convenient Access

The main concept behind cloud solutions is to make it easier to access different resources. You can securely access your data, apps, systems, and network from any part of the world using any device with our cloud app development services. This means that you can create a mobile workforce that can work remotely or from home. This approach is particularly useful for international teams since important data can be accessed from any country.


Data-Friendly Framework

Many businesses rely on databases to store important data. With our cloud app development services, you can securely transfer your crucial data to the internet. We use data-friendly frameworks that guarantee smooth integration of your company's knowledge. Moreover, we implement caching techniques to keep outdated data in your corporate apps' memory, thus enabling faster retrieval.

Advanced Cloud Offerings


Elevate your digital experience and accelerate your business growth


Cloud Managed Services

We help manage your public and multi-cloud environments, including deployment on AWS and Azure. Our team can also help you design, develop, and optimize your applications. Our experienced cloud architects can monitor and manage any IT environment, from minor application modifications to large-scale infrastructure migrations.


Cloud Maintenance & Support

As an experienced cloud development company, we offer ongoing support with SLAs to keep your cloud applications secure, stable, and innovative. You can rely on us to keep your cloud applications safe, error-free, and in line with the latest technological advancements, ensuring your digital infrastructure stays at the forefront of innovation.


Cloud Analytics and AI

Our approach is tailored to help you leverage AI/ML models and seamlessly deploy and scale features with cloud-native flexibility. Our SmartApps framework offers comprehensive services, including suitability analysis, proof of concept, application development, AI/ML model building, and ongoing maintenance and operations support.


Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid IT solution combines private and public cloud services for efficient, secure, and cost-effective IT infrastructure. Our hybrid cloud solutions enhance your security and ensure compliance requirements are met. With our IT expertise, you will have a reliable and solid system.


Cloud Native Development

The cloud-native development team at TA is ready to support your transition to microservices, serverless computing, and containerized architecture. Employing efficient engineering practices, we leverage containers to deploy contemporary, intricate, and distributed applications. Cloud-native applications exhibit auto-scalability and can be deployed, adapted, and upgraded with ease.

Key Projects

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Evacuation Management Platform (EMP)

Created a platform to address the complexity of effectively portraying intricate shapes, TA employed Geoserver and Openlayers, in conjunction with Mapbox, to automate the precise delineation of evacuation zones. This platform notably improves the efficiency of emergency response services, guaranteeing faster evacuations and enhancing safety for communities susceptible to wildfires.

Full case study: Evacuation Management Platform Development

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Transport Management System

Developed a robust web and mobile platform facilitating the streamlined scanning and tracking of incoming and outgoing freight transfers between different locations. Ensured prompt and automated dissemination of crucial updates and essential delivery information to depot staff, customers, and truck drivers without any delays. Additionally, a solution was implemented to enable truck drivers to operate offline in situations of limited internet connectivity.

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Guideline and Workflow Management

A web application serving as an administrative tool designed to establish efficient and accurate guidelines and workflows within a healthcare system. The Guideline Management Tool (GM Tool) assists individuals responsible for patient care, such as junior doctors, nurses, or pharmacists, in identifying the most suitable recommendations for drugs or combinations of multiple drugs. This guidance is determined by the patient's health conditions and physical findings within a hospital setting.

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Service Animal Travel Solutions

Created an app for traveling with service animals, streamlining the travel experience for passengers accompanied by service animals. The application guarantees adherence to Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and simplifies the submission of documentation for both travelers and airlines, thereby improving accessibility in accordance with ADA regulations.

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Mobility Aid Information Tag

Created a web-based application for generating information tags for mobility aids, streamlining the documentation process for passengers traveling with such devices on different airlines. This application simplifies the documentation requirements, enhancing the travel experience by eliminating the need to carry multiple documents. Furthermore, the web application allows passengers to submit details about their mobility devices and generate a travel tag containing necessary information for a secure journey.

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Inspection Data Management System

Designed a web application specifically aimed at optimizing inspection procedures for a vast inventory of heavy equipment. This versatile solution introduces distinct user roles such as Admin, Inspector, and Authorized Signatory, and allows for the creation of custom roles as needed.

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Smart and secure AI-based mobile application

Created a mobile application to augment the functionalities of their smart hub, tackling issues related to prompt notifications and efficient management. This app, built using Flutter, incorporates AI for intelligent alerts and object detection, placing a premium on privacy through local data storage.

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Houston Radar LLC

Created an application that allows users to control Houston Radar devices using their smartphones. Radars, devices used for monitoring traffic on roads, come in various types. The application enables users to connect to each type of radar and perform various operations.

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Patient Information Management System

A web application offering an extensive system for managing patient information. This online system systematically organizes patient records, tracks visits, and maintains details on medications prescribed, adhering to AMS standards. It also includes information on assigned physicians, the wards patients are admitted to, and other relevant details.