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The security concerns of one’s software, system, and so on have ramifications across multiple tiers of business. Knowing your weaknesses and how attackers might exploit them is one of the most valuable insights you can gain in terms of strengthening your security. This not only makes you feel secure, but it also makes individuals who want to acquire your services or products feel safe. As digital data becomes more complex and challenging, the privacy risk associated with it also increases alarmingly, at this point security testing services have become an essential component of the software development life cycle. So, it is always a better idea to employ them to safeguard your software.

We mimic real-world attacks on your networks, software, devices, or people to show you the security level of your critical systems and infrastructure and what it will take to strengthen it. We also assist you with removing hazards from your software while also ensuring that it meets regulatory and compliance requirements. While doing the aforementioned we stick to security testing attributes like authentication, authority, confidentiality, availability, integration, non-repudiation, and resilience.

Security Testing Services at TA


Build trust in your software with our security testing services


Internal & External Penetration Testing

A dramatic shake-up of an organization's entire network from the inside would spill out those bad beans, that is, the vulnerabilities in the network that may cause unanticipated disaster. Similarly, there may be vulnerabilities in internet-facing assets such as web, mail, and FTP servers that can be safeguarded by having a remote diagnosis performed by a security testing service company, which is known as external pen-testing.


Wireless Penetration Testing

Wireless networks, such as WLAN and Bluetooth, are just as vulnerable to breaches as wired systems. A wireless network penetration test is an approved and permitted hacking performed by a secure testing service provider in an attempt to identify flaws in wireless technologies' security controls, misconfigured access points, and poor security protocols. This testing mimics real-world attacks to deliver a point-in-time assessment of your wireless network infrastructure's vulnerabilities and dangers.


Web Application Testing

The ability of the web application to work as intended even when under attack is a factor that is underappreciated. Web applications, like all software, are bound to have flaws. Some of these flaws are actual vulnerabilities that can be exploited, putting companies at risk. Security testing web services seek to identify security flaws in online applications and their configuration, ensuring their stability in the face of any sort of attack.


Mobile Application Testing

Most consumers increasingly prefer mobile applications to traditional desktop software for the majority of their digital tasks. Also, the engagement of mobile apps on a regular basis has expanded, particularly the amount of sensitive information traveling through mobile apps, one that has increased rapidly. Mobile application security testing services entail evaluating applications for security flaws in the settings of the platforms on which they are supposed to run, the frameworks with which they are built, and the expected set of users.


Cloud Testing

A cloud-based application security testing service is a relatively new type of testing in which applications are assessed by a security testing service provider using tools hosted in the cloud. It is done to secure your application or data housed in the cloud/cloud infrastructure. This involves using cutting-edge techniques and algorithms to protect data saved online from theft, leakage, and omission. The goals are identical, namely to uncover vulnerabilities, but cloud-based testing is more scalable, faster, and less expensive.


API Security Testing

APIs are becoming increasingly valuable to attackers as they connect our most private and sensitive data. Unauthorized access, data leaking, sanctioning fuzzy input, injection vulnerabilities, parameter tampering, and other issues could result from an insecure API. Security testing services ensure that online services are safe from malicious attacks and do not expose sensitive information. API security is nothing more than protecting API endpoints from attackers and designing safe APIs.

Technology Stack

To protect against a cyber attack, effective testing methodologies, tools, and approaches are required. As a security testing services provider, we ensure that our expert team's talents are supported with cutting-edge testing tools.

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Cyber Security

Cyber security is the defense of internet-connected systems such as hardware, software, and data against cyber threats. Individuals and businesses utilize cyber security service practices to defend against illegal access to data centers and other computerized systems. A comprehensive cybersecurity strategy has numerous layers of protection dispersed throughout the computers, networks, applications, or data that are to be protected. A relationship with a strong cybersecurity service provider would be an excellent strategy for a business to create a good security posture against hostile assaults meant to access, alter, delete, destroy, or extort an organization’s or user’s systems and sensitive data. There are several advantages to developing and sustaining cyber security policies. They include:

  • Cyber-attack and data-breach protection for businesses
  • Security for data and networks
  • Unauthorized user access is avoided
  • Improved recovery time following a breach
  • End-user and endpoint device security
  • Regulatory adherence
  • Continuity of operations
  • Improved developer, partner, consumer, stakeholder, and employee trust in the company’s reputation

Security Testing FAQ


Security Testing Frequently Asked Questions

There is no single optimum tool for security testing. The tools chosen by the security testing services company are based on the type of security testing being performed.

The advantages of security testing are numerous, here are a few to take a look at:

1. Virus identification
2. Detection of intrusions such as denial of service attacks
3. Stimulation of various forms of external attacks
4. Investigation of open ports and other externally evident points of attack
5. Find flaws in password files and passwords

There are numerous scenarios in which you can test your software, systems, and so on. One of them is during the software or application development phase, or the network or system installation phase. The next best approach is to execute regular security audits at least once every six months, or when modifications have occurred. Aside from them, it is up to you to involve a security testing service company as needed.

Security testing is performed to proactively identify security dangers and resolve issues. It assists you in avoiding security incidents in live systems. The primary purpose of security testing is to identify system risks and measure potential vulnerabilities so that they cannot be exploited.

Cyber attack is one of the biggest technological problems out there. You always require an experienced team to discover the vulnerabilities and to prepare for threats that are not yet foreseen. TA's 15+ years of expertise, highly skilled team, and long lasting clientele gives us the stronghold in security testing services.