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The guy with the competitive advantage is the one with the best technology.

-Walter Wriston

At the heart of every product, machine, intelligent operation and key technology lie the elements of embedded systems. Thanks to their compact size, simple design, and high-efficiency sensory capabilities, embedded systems have become one of the driving forces behind our digital, interconnected, and automated world. The ongoing adoption of Industry 4.0 has increased the significance of embedded systems at breakneck speed impacting every part of our lives and in almost every industry and sector, from self-controlled cars, consumer electronics, medical devices, transportation, telecommunication, and even space exploration. Embedded software development services enable innovation, convenience, and tailor-made solutions to meet the market's ever-increasing demand for accurate, scalable, high-quality, easy-to-use products.

Embedded systems development offerings

We are an industry-leading end-to-end Embedded systems development company specializing in Hardware Design, Software Development, FPGA-based Design Services, and R&D. At TA, we serve as a single point of contact for all aspects of embedded system development, utilizing innovative hardware and software development solutions to create custom-designed advanced embedded systems that meet your needs

Hardware Design & Development

We design, develop, and integrate hardware solutions for a wide range of embedded systems with real-time characteristics and high reliability. Our hardware design and development team has extensive experience in the Design, Development, Verification, and Validation of complex solutions ranging from platform selection, prototyping, cost target BOM (Bill of Materials) optimization and development, Multi-layer PCB Design, Implementation and testing, Power and Performance, and more. We are always ready to service your needs, whether it is a quick prototype for a POC or the implementation of a time-critical and complex design for a real-time application.

FPGA-based Design Services

TA is a proponent of best-in-class FPGA-based design services, assisting customers throughout the FPGA development life cycle in recognizing the benefits of flexible user programmability that an FPGA can provide. Our FPGA design services are distinguished by their ability to provide end-to-end system integration solutions ranging from research, design, development, and testing for any sort of design requirement. Through our specialist FPGA design services, we assist businesses in reducing risks, costs, and design cycles. Based on your requirements, power consumption, and performance, our specialist engineering team offers the appropriate FPGA/MPSoC/RFSoC for your project.

Board Support Package (BSP) Solutions

We provide services to develop, support and maintain ready-to-deploy custom BSP solutions that initialize the processor, communication buses, memory, and peripherals, as well as start up the bootloader, for all key platforms and verticals. Our technical expertise and deep knowledge of BSP solutions will provide you with a flexible business model tailored to your needs, enabling you to stay ahead of the competition.

Embedded Firmware Solutions

We develop robust and flexible embedded firmware solutions that work as a middle layer between hardware and software applications to leverage all the functionalities of microcontrollers and peripheral circuits through the embedded software applications. Our custom firmware design and development solutions are independent of the operating system and simple to update over the air and via an application.

Embedded Software Development

We offer a comprehensive line of specialized embedded software development services that are adaptable to diverse hardware components and deliver the final solution. We provide embedded software solutions by leveraging our competence with a wide range of microcontrollers and microprocessors. Our embedded software development solutions strive to empower hardware devices and enable them to work with the accuracy and efficiency that they require. We are experts at developing software product life cycles that can be seamlessly integrated with hardware devices at all levels.

APIs and Integrations

As the most experienced Custom API development service provider, TA can handle all types of API development requirements, whether basic or complex. Our expertise lies in developing fully tailored APIs that are flexible and scalable, allowing for future expansion and compatibility. We provide highly reliable API development services for Mobile Apps, Web-based Apps, and Cloud Computing, as well as superior assistance through API Testing, API Customization, and Support & Maintenance. Our comprehensive testing capabilities can aid in the automatic validation of ports and APIs on many platforms, assuring operational compatibility.

Human-Machine Interface (HMI) Development

Our comprehensive portfolio of MCUs, processors, sensors and tools enable HMI options for voice recognition, video and graphics, touch and gesture control, vision and image analytics for a broad range of innovative solutions. We are experts at developing and building high-quality embedded HMI systems to monitor and manage user-friendly consumer products, secure and reliable automotive driver interfaces, industrial panels, data access terminals, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT) enabled services

We develop Intelligent IoT Solutions to enable organizations to use sensors to optimize workflows and improve worker safety, or to assist people in monitoring their wellness via smart wearable devices. Our unparalleled experience spans IoT and Industrial Automation, SCADA to Industrial IoT platforms, Legacy Systems to the latest IoT Architecture.

Mechanical Design & Development

Whether building a machine from scratch or modifying existing components to make them better, our innovative team can create, design, and build new machines or improve the efficiency of existing ones making sure that your product meets various functional requirements and desired objectives.

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We're thrilled to be collaborating with Implantaire, a niche electro-mechanical design and engineering company devoted to supporting holistic solutions specializing in the design and development of customized electronic and electro-mechanical systems, and also the best–fit match between resource deployment and job engagements. Implantaire offers cutting-edge design, engineering, and manufacturing services to a wide range of prominent clients worldwide.

How we work

Our talented developers will collaborate with you at every stage of development, from concept to execution in embedded systems development, to turn your requirements into solutions.

Key projects
  • NiOX2100
    Ready to use Zynq-based DAQ solution for any type of demanding environment with a scalable architecture that accommodates any future expansions in the environment, ensuring minimum overheads in System Integration.

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Industries we serve

With our expert embedded software development services, we bring a wealth of diverse vertical expertise to better serve and deliver excellent results to our clients all over the world.

Consumer Electronics
Home Automation
Research and Development

Technology stack

Our skilled and multi-disciplinary engineering team covers a wide range of cutting-edge tools and technologies for embedded systems development.



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Embedded Software Engineering is the process of utilizing software engineering to operate diverse devices and machinery that are not standard computers. Embedded systems are formed by combining software engineering with non-computer components. It is built expressly for the hardware on which it operates, and it typically has processor and memory limits due to the device's restricted computational capabilities. Embedded software can be found in dedicated GPS devices, factory robots, calculators, and even current smartwatches.

Embedded software often implements the device's higher-level features and functionalities. Firmware handles low-level activities including translating analog sensor signals to digital data and handling connection protocols. Firmware is a software layer that runs operating systems and other programs on top of it. Embedded software is self-contained software that can run the complete system, which may or may not include an operating system.

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Edge Computing
  • Cyber security
  • Wireless connections

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