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Minimum Viable

Your one stop shop to go from idea to product launch


Our Approach

As your trusted partner we work with your playbook or you can leverage our experience to get it done. We ensure that together we adhere to the key objective of building the core of your product only. We work together to ensure we are not adding bells and whistles. This basic MVP helps you test early on with your customers. Enabling you to make course corrections if needed early on. And it also saves you money!

We know we succeed when you succeed and we are committed to helping you on your journey.

5 Simple steps from Idea to Product launch

We get the team together for you from designers to developers, but if you already have the design done, we can work off that as well.


Shaping the plan

An open discussion to deliberate and examine your ideas, expectations, technology choices, etc., and provide you with a rough roadmap about the execution of your Augmented Reality development idea.


Sign Off

We present our understanding of your vision and outline how we would build it. We review it together and sign off.



As we commence the engagement we use visual design tools to ensure we are in sync. These include storyboards, wire frames and user journey maps.



Our MVP team developers get into action and commence the build using an Agile development process.


Prototype Development

We can host your application on public cloud platforms like AWS to get you started. We also go the extra mile to assist getting App store approval for iOS in case needed.

Got an idea, Let's connect.