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Dime Store – Build Your Online Store

Given the continuously increasing number of internet and smartphone users, ecommerce mobile applications are gaining popularity these days. Retailers across the world are moving towards integrating mcommerce applications into their services to boost their small and medium scale online businesses.

Get started in this mcommerce experience with our platform Dime Store, the ready-made ecommerce mobile app platform by Travancore Analytics.

Dime Store is a completely customizable mcommerce application platform for small and medium retailers enabling them to sell multiple products online. This white label app consists of a web portal for the Admin, a mobile app for the customer and the delivery agent. The essential features of this online selling application platform includes product management, order management, and promotional management. The platform is built for long-term use and interactions. And the developers get to analyze the future needs of the customer to incorporate them into the design of the program.

Set forth and build your online store with Dime Store, the simple, accessible, and cost-effective mobile platform for your online store.


  • White label application
  • Suited for small and medium enterprises
  • Customizable platform
  • Online payment gateway integration
  • Wallet services for regular customers
  • Assured privacy and data security
  • Promotional management for special occasions
  • User-friendly interface
  • Cross-platform support
  • Ensured support and maintenance


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Mobile commerce applications or mcommerce apps is the next generation of ecommerce that allows the online selling and buying of goods and services, making transactions, etc., without using a laptop or a PC, but with wireless handheld devices such as smartphones, tablets, etc.

Yes, Dime Store is a completely customizable mcommerce application for small and medium businesses.

Ecommerce is a business model wherein commercial transactions are done online using laptops, desktop computers, tablets or smartphones. On the other hand, mcommerce lets the people buy or sell or do transactions using smartphones, tablets or other handheld devices.

Dime Store ensures security and data privacy by securing transactions and other information to the confidentiality of the user.

The mcommerce application offers the perfect online shopping experience for retailers to sell their products directly to the customer via a mobile device. The driving attributes of mobile commerce applications include convenience, quick accessibility, easy connectivity, personalization, interactivity, fast and streamlined navigation, access to real-time information, better user experience, lower costs, time efficiency, faster transactions, etc.

Yes, the application can be customized and personalized based on the needs of the clients.

We have developed Dime Store to further and equip all kinds of small and medium scale businesses.

For regular customers, the owners can implement a wallet system to manage the payments of their purchases. In case of regular purchases, if there is an extra amount left or if an order gets cancelled, the customer need not worry about their money, the payment automatically appears on their wallet and can be used for next purchase.

Dime Store ensures secure transactions and payment processes through popular online payment gateways. But if the clients require a Cash on Delivery feature we are able to provide the desired service.

Android and iOS

Yes, there will be a separate app allotted for the delivery agent which cannot be accessed by any common users.

Once the order gets placed, the owner receives the notification in their web portal and can update the customer about the order by adding the details of the order and its movements such as packing, dispatch, transportation etc.

This ready made mobile app platform enables the owners to add exciting offers, discounts or coupons for various purchases.

Yes, it is possible.

Dime Store facilitates the shop owners/Admin to log in to the web portal and add in the details of the products that are available as well as make changes in the amount or quantity of the stocks. The platform also enables the owners to provide incentives to their customers through discounts, promotions and offers.

The app ensures effective data protection and security. All the details and information regarding the business will be exclusively available to the owner and not to any third party.

A white label app is an application developed by an external team and can be customized and rebranded for the specific business that suits the needs of the clients. With Dime Store, one gets to publish or distribute the app on their own from Google Play Store or App Store, and easily build their online store.

Our support team will guide you in every step of installation of this ready-made ecommerce mobile app platform. We will also provide further support in updating any product details if required.