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Enhancing Security with a Smart and Secure AI-based Surveillance System

How has a smart and secure AI-based surveillance mobile application transformed camera monitoring and management with advanced features and ensured secure access?


In today’s world, where concerns about crime and theft are on the rise, ensuring the safety and security of our homes and businesses has become more crucial than ever before. The installation of a robust security system has evolved from being a mere option to an absolute necessity. It acts as an effective deterrent, preventing any such occurrences, providing peace of mind, and safeguarding our valuable assets. 

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technology, the landscape of security surveillance systems has been drastically transformed. The widespread adoption of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has brought forth advanced detection capabilities and enhanced the overall effectiveness of security systems, providing a proactive approach to security and enabling a timely response to potential intrusions. These innovative advancements enable us to monitor and protect our surroundings with unparalleled precision and keep a close eye on our premises, allowing us to monitor and safeguard our environment with accuracy.

Recognizing the significance of this increased need for security surveillance systems, our client, a prominent California-based company, has partnered with TA to develop a mobile application for their state-of-the-art AI-based surveillance system, the Smart Camera Hub, which provides users with the simplest and most practical security solutions, utilizing ordinary camera installations in both residential and commercial settings.



The client, who is the leading provider of security surveillance solutions, approached TA with the requirement to develop a mobile application for their smart hub. The aim was to create a user-friendly and convenient mobile solution that included the AI capabilities of the smart hub to enhance the overall user experience. The client previously had a web application for the hub, where they experienced numerous challenges ranging from providing notifications to the user to streamlining the management of the security monitoring system.

Regarding the notification part, the client had issues delivering notifications to users through the web application, which was the primary challenge that the client faced since they used to mail or send messages to users via social platforms such as Telegram. This was a significant difficulty for the client, and they desired a mobile application via which the user could get messages at the right time and be updated. With the mobile app, the client envisioned empowering users with a plethora of handy features aiming to provide a seamless and comprehensive surveillance experience, ensuring the utmost security for the users. Through this collaboration, the client anticipated offering their customers a cutting-edge mobile solution that would revolutionize the way security surveillance systems were managed and accessed.

The client encountered the following major challenges:

  • Dependability on other apps for delivering important alerts 
  • Lack of accessible and convenient monitoring option for security systems
  • Absence of an application with advanced functionalities
  • Inability to deliver an engaging user experience


We developed the mobile application using Flutter, enabling seamless functionality on both iOS and Android platforms. Users can easily access the application by downloading it onto their mobile devices.

The hub, powered by AI technology, enables intelligent alerts, detecting over 30 types of objects, including people, delivery personnel (such as from Amazon or FedEx), vehicles (any types of vehicles), animals, insects, and more. The application's standout feature is its commitment to privacy, as data is stored locally on the hub, eliminating the need for cloud storage. Users can expand the hub's storage capacity using external or network storage options. The hub supports multiple cameras based on its type: 24 MP, 60 MP, 96 MP, and Rugged Smart Hub, enabling working in harsh weather conditions such as heat, rain, etc. The camera resolution is determined by the hub type, allowing users to connect cameras of up to 24 MP resolution. For instance, a 24 MP Smart Hub can accommodate twenty four 1 MP cameras or twelve 2 MP cameras, and so on. For enhanced security, the owner can set passwords to restrict unauthorized access to the application. User capabilities can be allocated and adjusted as needed. The application accommodates multiple users, with the owner maintaining control over access permissions and restrictions.

Thumbs up and thumbs down reactions allow users to provide feedback on their experience and suggest improvements. The application offers various playback options, allowing users to control playback speed, add time intervals (from minutes to months), apply time-lapse effects, and even incorporate public and external cameras. Users can also retrieve footage for specific clips, even short clips with a duration of milliseconds to days, weeks, or months. Built-in speakers and external speaker integration enable audio talkback, including integration with voice assistants like Alexa. Users can snooze alerts temporarily when needed.

Additional features include a log of connected and disconnected users, camera settings to add, connecting to RTSP streaming, and applying filters to alerts. Hub settings include password configuration, setting footage saving intervals, and monitoring hub events such as user connections and disconnections. Advanced encryption options are also available for added security

The application assigns an owner, identified by their email ID, who can grant access to other users. The owner has the authority to customize user permissions, specifying which cameras, footage, or alerts each user can access. Users can view the integrated cameras in a large or normal view, with event videos displayed on the screen. Users can set personalized alerts based on their preferences by customizing filters that exclude specific objects, individuals, or undesired areas from the camera’s observation.

Users have the option to report bugs or provide feedback within the application, allowing for prompt issue resolution and continuous improvement. Cameras can be equipped with pan, tilt, and zoom functionalities directly through the application. Furthermore, users can fine-tune alerts to receive notifications only for desired events, excluding specific objects or categories.


With the increasing prevalence of crime and theft, it’s more important than ever to have strong security systems in our homes and organizations. Using cutting-edge AI-based systems, like the Smart Camera Hub that our client has developed, can make a big difference in our security. With its AI-based tracking features and easy-to-use mobile application, this new solution provides a simple but powerful way to keep a building safe and secure. The Smart Camera Hub sets a new standard for security solutions by mixing the ease of regular camera setups with smart features. This gives users peace of mind and empowers users to stay one step ahead of potential threats.

The implementation of our smart and secure AI-based surveillance mobile application has revolutionized security monitoring, offering the following impactful features, such as:

  • Immersive and flexible monitoring experience
  • Seamless management of multiple brands
  • Intelligent alerts with video clips and images and continuous recording
  • Enhanced privacy and data protection