Travancore Analytics

AI-Powered Inventory Management System Software for Warehouse Efficiency

How can an AI-integrated inventory management system software effectively solve the inventory and package-related challenges faced by a manufacturing company?


The client, a well-known radar manufacturer based in the United States, faced significant difficulties managing multiple warehouses with extensive inventories. The current process is resource-intensive and time-consuming, making retrieval and tracking of historical records difficult.

  • Travancore Analytics successfully created the AI-integrated inventory management app, designed for Android devices.
  • Seamless integration of Chat GPT, Chat Vision, and Cloud Vision makes employee tracking simpler.
  • Functionalities include inventory and package management, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) handling, quality checks, and configuration.
  • The app extracts label information, updates Google Sheets in real-time, enhances tracking, and minimizes miscommunication.