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Cloud Based Mobility Aid Device Tag Solution

Traveling with mobility aid? Make your next airline travel easier with our mobility aid information tag web app solution


Embarking on an airline travel with mobility aids like wheelchairs can often be a stressful experience. From tediously filling out the specific details of the mobility aid to the additional procedures of airlines, travel with mobility assistance can present a number of challenges for individuals with disabilities. Our client, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the disability community to create a society inclusive of people with disabilities, has reached out to our team in search of a solution. A web application for mobility aid information tag, a mobility aid information tag generator that can generate a tag with all the details about the passenger’s mobility aid to provide any airline the information necessary to transport the item securely.



Before boarding a flight with a mobility device, it is essential that the passengers provide the airline authorities with all the requested information on the mobility equipment. It is difficult and time-consuming to fill out the form on each of the different airline websites for each and every airline travel. Our client's main objective was to find a solution to this difficulty.

The challenges faced by people with disabilities when flying with mobility aids are the following:

  • Difficulty in completing the mobility aid documentation for each airline and flight
  • Notifying airline authorities about the type of mobility aid used to avoid complications
  • Carrying around all the documents in hand at the time of boarding
  • Keeping a print or a copy of the documents in hand in case of running into any issues



We developed a web-based mobility aid information tag generator app where the passengers can submit the details of their mobility device and then generate a tag that can be attached to the mobility device with the necessary information for its safe travel. We designed and developed a web app for mobility aid information tag portal in Reactjs and Nodejs.

The tag is a physical tag, similar to a baggage tag, that is attached to the passengers mobility aid and remains there to provide any airline the information necessary to safely transport the device.

In addition to collecting the information that will be printed on the physical tag, the website also gathers other details that may help the airline provide better assistance to you during your travel journey.

The form is designed to gather important information about your mobility device so that the physical tag can be printed and mailed to you to affix to your device. You will also receive a PDF copy of the tag via email that you can print and take with you when you travel.

Additional information regarding the assistance you need to travel is also gathered so that it can be shared with participating airlines to improve your travel experience.

The tag will remain on the mobility device all the time. All the data regarding the traveler and device is stored in a central database so that information can be updated and additional tags can be printed as necessary. QR Code or bar code technology for airlines (potentially rail companies too) to access for further details is planned in the next phase.

We also developed another information website for mobility aid information tag (MAIT) in WordPress that provides information regarding the device tag and the process to get the same. Provides the guidelines on how to access the MAIT website, how the form to be field explaining each form field and its usage and the process to get the tag.


  1. Mobility Device Tag Portal
    • Submit information about mobility device
    • Request to mail a tag
    • Update contact/mobility device Information
  2. Admin Portal (ODO Admin & GRG Admin)
    • Mobility Forms
      • To review and process forms submitted by user
      • To create new forms and update
      • To manage history of tag requests to mail
      • Print and process tags
    • Reports
      • Manage various reports of the requests and tags

The solutions incorporated were:

  • Web application for the users to submit information regarding mobility aids
  • Web app meets all Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility guidelines
  • Users can update their information, print the tag, and request a physical tag to be send to their address
  • Users can attach the tag to their device
  • Application contains admin portal to manage the tag process
  • Device tag features a QR code with basic information and for updates


Since a significant portion of the population is made up of individuals with disabilities, it is imperative to increase digital access, widen the realms of inclusion, give them access to all the solutions they need, and maintain their right to a normal life. It is essential that people with disabilities who require mobility assistance are able to travel independently. Our mobility aid information tag solution is specifically designed with this objective in mind.

The following are some ways that the mobility aid information tag application has improved the lives of individuals with disabilities:

  • Simplify the documentation process for passengers with mobility devices for all airlines and flights
  • Make it easier for people to board without having to carry around all their documents
  • Enable smooth airline travel experience for passengers with disabilities