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The OTT Platform App Development: Breakthrough for Industry Leaders


In an era defined by digital transformation, a leader in the energy sector, recognizes the imperative to provide its users with an advanced and seamlessly integrated media experience. The demand for convenient access to content embark on a transformative journey — (Over-The-Top) OTT platform app development. This application aims not only to deliver a rich media experience but also to ensure the highest standards of security and user authentication through integration with their existing Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS).

As the digital landscape evolves, our client empowers its users with a versatile and user-friendly OTT platform that goes beyond conventional entertainment. This initiative encompasses a holistic approach, combining cutting-edge technology with the security and efficiency afforded by ADFS integration. The objective is clear: to provide users, from depot staff to truck drivers, with a unified and secure platform that delivers critical updates, fixes, and content seamlessly.

This case study delves into the strategic collaboration between our team to conceptualize, develop, and implement an OTT application integrated with ADFS. We explore the challenges, the tailored solutions provided, and the transformative impact on user experience, security, and operational efficiency.



Integrating ADFS with Aramco and developing a web-based OTT application using Angular, .NET Core, and MySQL can present various challenges. Additionally, ensuring the application passes Aramco's vulnerability scan adds an extra layer of complexity.

ADFS Integration Challenges

Complex Integration Process: Integrating with ADFS can be complex due to the intricacies of configuring trust relationships, claims, and ensuring proper communication between the application and ADFS.

Single Sign-On Issues: Achieving seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) for users across the OTT application and Aramco’s network may require careful configuration and testing.

Security and Compliance

Data Security Concerns: Ensuring the security of user data and sensitive information is crucial. Proper encryption, secure token handling, and adherence to security best practices are essential.

Compliance with Aramco Standards: Meeting Aramco’s specific security and compliance standards can be challenging and may require in-depth knowledge of their requirements.

Development Challenges

Technology Compatibility: Coordinating the integration of Angular, .NET Core, and MySQL requires expertise in each technology. Compatibility issues between versions can arise and need to be addressed.

Scalability: Designing the application to handle a potentially large number of users and streaming requests requires careful consideration of scalability and performance.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ensuring Cross-Browser Compatibility: Testing and ensuring that the application functions seamlessly across various web browsers and devices may present challenges.

Vulnerability Scanning

Identifying and Resolving Vulnerabilities: Conducting a thorough vulnerability scan may reveal security weaknesses. Addressing and resolving these vulnerabilities in a timely manner is critical to passing the scan.

Penetration Testing: Performing penetration testing to identify potential security flaws and weaknesses that may not be detected by automated scanning tools.

User Experience

Usability and User Interface: Ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience in the OTT application requires thorough testing and user feedback.

Performance Optimization: Optimizing the performance of the application, especially during high traffic periods, is crucial for user satisfaction.

Collaboration Challenges

Communication with Aramco: Ensuring effective communication and collaboration with Aramco’s IT team is vital for successful integration and compliance with their requirements.

Timely Issue Resolution: Promptly addressing any issues or discrepancies that arise during the integration process is essential to meet project timelines.


In tandem with the client’s operational needs and requirements, TA's solution not only successfully addressed the initial challenges but also provided additional features that enhance the overall functionality and security of the OTT application. The seamless integration with ADFS, powerful video player, dynamic channel management, and personalized user experiences contribute to a robust and user-friendly platform tailored to Aramco's requirements.



Key Features of the Solution

Seamless ADFS Connectivity: Achieved seamless connectivity with Aramco’s ADFS, ensuring a smooth and secure authentication and authorization process for users.

Powerful Video Player Integration: Integrated a robust video player into the OTT application, enabling the live streaming of Aramco’s channels to provide a high-quality and reliable viewing experience.

Dynamic Channel Management: Admin users have the capability to add channels dynamically, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing content requirements.

Channel Group Configuration: Admin users can configure channel groups, allowing for the organization and categorization of channels based on specific criteria to enhance content organization.

Role-Based Channel Access: Mapped channel groups to user roles from ADFS, ensuring that users are assigned to specific groups based on their roles within the organization.

ADFS Authentication Integration: Implemented ADFS authentication, enabling users to log in with their Aramco credentials for a seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) experience.

User-Specific Channel Access: Upon ADFS authentication, users can only view the channels assigned to them via their mapped groups, ensuring a personalized and secure content access experience.

Personalized Channel Access: Users experience a personalized viewing experience by accessing only the channels assigned to them based on their roles within the organization.

Intuitive Admin Interface: The admin interface is designed for ease of use, allowing admin users to add channels, configure channel groups, and map channels to user roles efficiently.

Secure Authentication: Leveraged ADFS authentication to ensure secure access to the application, aligning with security and compliance standards.

Content Control: Maintained granular control over content distribution by linking channel access to user roles, meeting security and compliance requirements set by our client.


With its smooth integration with ADFS, robust video player, dynamic channel management, and role-based access, had a significant impact on a number of Aramco’s operational facets. The impact of the OTT application is multifaceted, touching on user satisfaction, operational efficiency, security, and adaptability. The successful implementation of the features described contributes to a technologically advanced and user-friendly platform that aligns with Aramco’s goals and enhances its capabilities in the digital space.

Enhanced User Experience

Personalization: Users can access only the channels assigned to them based on their roles. This personalized approach ensures that users have a tailored and relevant content experience.

Seamless Authentication: ADFS integration provides a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience, reducing the authentication burden on users and enhancing overall usability.

Operational Efficiency

Dynamic Content Management: Admin users have the flexibility to add channels dynamically and configure channel groups. This feature ensures that the application can adapt quickly to changing content requirements without significant development overhead.

Role-Based Access: Mapping channel groups to user roles from ADFS streamlines content access control. It enables efficient management of who can access specific channels based on their roles within the organization.

Content Flexibility and Adaptability

Powerful Video Player: The integration of a robust video player allows for high-quality and reliable live streaming of channels. This feature enhances the overall content delivery and ensures a satisfying viewing experience for users.

Channel Group Configuration: Admins can organize and categorize channels into groups, offering a structured and user-friendly way to navigate and explore content.

Security and Compliance

ADFS Authentication: Leveraging ADFS for authentication enhances the security of the application. Users are authenticated against their Aramco credentials, aligning with industry security standards.

Role-Based Access Control: The application ensures that users can only view channels assigned to them based on their roles, maintaining content security and meeting compliance requirements.

Scalability and Future-Proofing

Seamless Connectivity: The seamless integration with ADFS and the modular architecture of the application provide a scalable foundation. This allows for future enhancements and scalability as Aramco’s requirements evolve.

Administrative Control

Intuitive Admin Interface: Admin users can efficiently manage channels, configure channel groups, and control access through an intuitive interface. This feature contributes to streamline administrative processes.

User Adoption and Engagement

Enhanced Viewing Experience: A positive and personalized viewing experience, along with the reliability of the video player, can lead to increased user adoption and engagement with the application.

Competitive Advantage

Innovative Solutions: The application positions Aramco as an industry innovator by implementing advanced solutions for content delivery, access control, and user experience.