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Real-time Data Monitoring System for Satellite Subsystems


The demand for satellite communications with high subsystem reliability, as well as the complexity of satellite power subsystems utilizing massive deployable solar panels, is growing by the day. As a result, effective optimization approaches are necessary to help decision-makers in setting up real-time data monitoring systems for performance and reliability in satellite power subsystems.
Our client, a leading space research organization, wanted to test and analyze electronic packages in the satellite’s deployable solar panels using their Automated Test Stations (ATS). They approached TA for the data collection, testing, and command systems for the real-time data monitoring system and control from their Automated Test Stations.




Our client, a premier space research organization, was having difficulty analyzing data from multiple, identical SADA (Solar Array Drive Assembly) Electronics packages in a consolidated manner. The organization found it challenging to process individual or other essential information because the system had a high number of channels. They also required the acquisition and storage of both analog and digital at the same time.

Our client encountered the following challenges:

  • Difficulty in analyzing the data in a consolidated manner
  • Hard to process individual or other essential information due to large number of channels
  • Required real-time data monitoring system for the acquisition and storage of both analog and digital at the same time


In satellites, solar panels serve a critical role in charging the satellite and allowing it to fulfill its mission. If there is a problem with the rotation of the panels, it will disrupt the satellite's movement, changing its functions and purpose.

Our team designed the ATS Controller, NiOX 2100, a microcontroller-based data acquisition and control system that is connected to the Solar Array Drive Electronics (SADE) through cables, to prevent such a mishap and to regulate the panels. Depending on the number of SADA units to be tested, the same ATS Controller can be linked to one or two SADE units at the same time.

NiOX View, the console software, works as a master host system, reading data from the controller and displaying it. It can also give the controller the commands it needs. Any commands, such as power turning on/off the power, issuing many sets of commands from the console, or individually issuing a group of commands through the console to the controller. If there is a problem in the command, we can force shutdown or a similar/related set of commands.


The solutions incorporated were:

  • Built a Zynq microcontroller-based data acquisition and control system, NiOX 2100
  • Developed NiOX View, a console software that operates as a master host system reading the data from the controller and displaying them
  • Hardware and software solutions for data acquisition, monitoring and control


The automated test allows customers to build a complete sequence of tests and handle the breached surveillance conditions, which is critical given the growing need for satellite communications. The precise data delivered by NiOX 2100 will help in the better decision making for any product companies, industries or R&D establishments.

NiOX can be used to test a variety of devices with minimal reconfigurations:

  • Improves process efficiency and reliability
  • Automates data processing operations reducing errors
  • Easier to access the database and to retrieve information for processing and analysis