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Smart E-commerce Shopping Experience Through AR

How has AR enhanced customer engagement for the e-commerce platform of Zojila?


With the new era of technology and the support of the internet, the world has tapped into a rapidly growing trend towards online shopping or e-commerce. People from all around the world have started to purchase online and via their smartphones by simply sitting in their homes and never stepping foot into traditional brick-and-mortar locations. One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it doesn’t give customers a full sensory experience of the product in real life, nor does it let the customers have an experience of the size, color, or other features of the product. Thus, putting many online shoppers in doubt whether their desired products would fit the space. Our client Zojila faced a similar issue with regard to their e-commerce platform in Shopify.
Zojila is an e-commerce design studio and housewares brand, based in Lafayette, Indiana that sells household products through its store in Shopify.




Our client faced several issues with customer engagement as most of the users got confused and backed off from purchases as they couldn’t get an idea of how certain products would fit their spaces. Thus, leading to the loss of many loyal customers for our client. As a result, Zojila wanted to step up and reinvent their customer engagement leveraging Augmented Reality for users to see the items in the settings of their own homes. They wanted their users to have a 3D view of the products in their space and make the decision on whether the object would fit their place and then decide on buying. They approached TA to develop a Shopify app featuring the 3D models of their products with cross-platform support and several other capabilities.

The pressing challenges faced by our client were:

  • lack of customer engagement
  • unable for customers to see the items in the settings of their own space
  • doubts on whether the products would fit their place
  • loss of valuable customers


For the designing of the 3D models, the client provided us with the stl files of the products exported from Cryo, and also provided the dimension of the objects from all angles. Our designers here at TA, converted the 3D models from the stl files using Blender. We then developed a Glb file type for Android and Usdz for iOS to recognize the 3D models in the AR. We also created a Shopify App using the Shopify React and node. Our main challenge here was the integration of the model-viewer into the store using our app. So we injected the model-viewer into the store using our app with the Shopify script-tag. We provided a Visualize button for users to easily see the products in their environment using the model-viewer.

The solutions incorporated are:

  • designed 3D environment for Augmented Reality shopping experience
  • developed Glb file type for Android and Usdz for iOS divide
  • created a Shopify App using the Shopify React and node
  • Visualize button to easily see the products in their environment


In an increasingly competitive e-commerce marketplace, our AR based e-commerce solutions have enhanced the efficiency of the store.

With the integration of AR into their platform, our client accomplished several business benefits such as:

  • improved efficiency
  • boosted engagement and customer confidence
  • convenient and interactive shopping
  • enhanced user experience