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IoT And Edge Analytics

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Ravi B R

Engineering Manager

ICFOSS organised Faculty Development Program(FDP)for KTU( APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University) Faculties to give orientation on the IoT Applications.

Objective of this program is to provide brief insights about fundamentals of emerging trends. One such session on IoT and Edge Analytics is delivered from Travancore Analytics.

This webinar is focused on providng brief insights on following topics inclduing basics and industry prospective to the enigeering faculties to adapt as part of their development program.

  • IoT Ecosystem (Different components, Usecases, IoT Platforms, criteria for selecting one vs another, emerging connectivity trends, General IoT architecture)
  • IoT Analytics (How IoT Analytics works and the need of IoT Edge Analytics for quick insights)
  • IoT Edge Analytics (Importance and its benifits, General IoT Edge Analytics Architecture, Edge Analytics Platforms, How to determine the business need for Edge Analytics?
  • Future trends like Federated Learning, IoB and role of 5G in edge computing