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iOS Automation Testing using Appium without macOS

Software testing has long been an essential part of the software development process. Today with the increased use of mobile and smartphone devices, mobile app testing has emerged as the most significant component in software testing. That time has passed when mobile versions were simply scaled-down versions of the web browser. Leading companies are attempting […]

Top 5 Business Proposal Trends for 2022

It was a difficult and chilling year for nearly every company in every industry for the past two years. Some simply survived it, while others adapted, evolved, and grew stronger. As revenues recover, it shows an overall increase in demand for new services and products that will be reflected in the number of requests for […]

Behavior Driven Development Testing framework with Cucumber

Behaviour Driven Development(BDD) is a method of working for the software teams to bridge the gap between business and technical people by: Encouraging cross-role collaboration to develop a shared knowledge of the problem Increasing feedback and the flow of value by working in short, quick iterations Producing system documentation that is validated against the system’s […]

12 Ways to create an Interactive and Interesting E-learning Course

Earlier, learning online was one of the modes of learning. But after Pandemic, Learning Online has become “The Mode of Learning” for Professionals, Students, etc. And now thousands of people are registering for an online course every day in some or another e-learning platforms. This has created the need of designing an effective and interactive […]

How will IoT, AI and Blockchain Reshape the Future of Businesses?

Innovation has always been the main engine of an improved society throughout history. The latest transformations in IoT have taken the world to new heights, with smart cities, smart homes, pollution control systems, smart energy management, smart transportation, smart industries, and so on.  The emerging paradigm of IoT enables the communication between electronic devices and […]

Software Security Testing: To Safeguard Your Sensitive Information

Applications are often prone to vulnerabilities. A potential hacker may exploit these vulnerabilities to get into the application and hack sensitive data and information. In today’s interconnected world with consumers depending all the more on online channels to make transactions, any security breaches however major or minor, can lead to the loss of customer confidence […]

Performance Test using JMeter: How to achieve Parallel Connections & Generate Dynamic AWS Signature

Choosing the best tool to conduct performance testing of different kinds of client-server applications is always a big concern. Here come the JMeter performance testing services to the rescue. Consider a web application, which has several APIs for creating and requesting maps along with services like requesting map tiles and static images, uploading data to Mapbox account, […]

IoT and Edge Analytics

ICFOSS organised Faculty Development Program(FDP)for KTU( APJ Abdul Kalam Technology University) Faculties to give orientation on the IoT Applications. Objective of this program is to provide brief insights about fundamentals of emerging trends. One such session on IoT and Edge Analytics is delivered from Travancore Analytics. This webinar is focused on providng brief insights on […]

Latest trends in enterprise web application

Today, enterprises find it difficult to run their business operations without the help of an application. Therefore, the need for managing business processes through web applications has exponentially increased in the past few years. Keeping that in mind, the trends are evolving every year to help businesses thrive on a larger scale. Like most technologies, […]