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NiOX - Nutron DAQ system

Ready to use one-stop Data Acquisition Platform and Controller Software to track and monitor the performance, safety, and reliability of the most demanding test and measurement applications. Our high-quality DAQ system offers accurate Real-time Data, Test Automation, Simulations, Data Analysis, and Process validation, that can shape the future of your business in this age of Industrial Revolution 4.0. Read More

Virtual Showroom

Saas-based innovative online Virtual Showroom Software/Platform solution to engage and explore the endless possibilities of the constantly changing digital landscape. Virtual Showroom creates and curates unique shopping experiences for retailers to streamline their B2B sales and buying process. With this platform, retailers can build long-lasting customer relationships and connect with buyers from anywhere that can go beyond physical showroom experience. Read More

Clokwork - Employee Productivity Tracker

Efficient multi-platform, easy-to-use, real-time Saas-based Employee Productivity Tracking Software for enterprises to closely manage remote and distributed teams. Keeping track of employee productivity, daily activities, attendance, and time spent at work helping organizations to oversee what remote employees are up to during their work hours. Read More

Dime Store - The Online Store

Best ready-made and customizable e-commerce Online Selling Platform for small and medium retailers for building online businesses. One platform with all the powerful e-commerce features to start and grow your businesses. This completely customizable white-labeled m-commerce application can help you find customers, drive sales, and manage your day-to-day activities all in one go. Read More

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