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Apple Vision Pro: What is it really for? Will it work for work?

September 13th, 2023

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Apple Vision Pro is now official. It is the first-generation device from Apple, was the highly anticipated Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality headset that ignited the attention of technology enthusiasts and common people equally. Vision Pro, notably launched as a spatial computing device, is a headset equipped with an array of cameras and sensors. Priced at $3,500, it is a standalone computer powered by an M2 chip, featuring its own Wi-Fi connection and a micro-OLED display with roughly 4K resolution for each eye. The headset boasts a set of speakers positioned above each ear on the band and a dedicated R1 chip responsible for real-time processing of sensor data.

Unlike other headsets that rely on external controllers, this device offers a unique interface controlled entirely by the user’s hands, eyes, and voice. With numerous sensors distributed across the headset, including forward-facing, downward-facing, and side-facing cameras, infrared illuminators, a LiDAR scanner, and a TrueDepth camera, it comprehensively tracks the user’s surroundings and hand gestures in front of their face. Additionally, infrared illuminators and cameras inside the headset are specifically designed to track the user’s eye movements, providing an incredibly impressive eye tracking feature.

During the setup process, users can scan their face using the TrueDepth camera on their iPhone to create a custom fit for the headset. The device’s construction is robust, incorporating metal and glass with breathable meshing on the back. Once operational, the eye tracking functionality stands out as the most impressive aspect, allowing users to effortlessly navigate the user interface. By simply looking at an object and touching their fingers together, users can interact with the interface. The eye tracking calibration process at the beginning ensures a seamless experience, making it feel almost telepathic to select and interact with elements.

While other headsets require external sensors for hand tracking, Apple’s headset impressively captures hand movements through its comprehensive array of sensors. With cameras facing different directions, users can comfortably rest their hands anywhere and effortlessly interact with the interface. The headset also includes features like text boxes for typing, where users can either use an on-screen keyboard or speak into the microphone for voice input. Additionally, the device employs Optic ID, leveraging the unique biometric patterns of users’ eyes for effortless logins.

Regarding the unique transparent appearance of the headset, it is not actually transparent, but rather utilizes a two-way passthrough feature. Through a high-quality OLED screen, users can see their real environment without removing the headset. The eyes visible from the outside are actually an OLED display representing what the cameras inside the headset see. This feature provides a surreal and intriguing visual effect, especially in passthrough mode, where users can see their eyes as they navigate their surroundings.

However, it should be noted that as a first-generation product, the current iteration only includes Apple’s own apps on the home screen, similar to the initial release of the iPhone without an App Store.

Well, the real question is how Vision Pro work for work?

Will Apple Vision Pro work for work?


Vision Pro is set to redefine the way we work. Its combination of AI, computer vision, collaboration tools, and industry-specific solutions make it a versatile and indispensable asset for businesses and professionals alike. By enhancing productivity, enabling immersive learning, and ensuring top-notch security, Vision Pro is poised to become an essential tool in the modern workplace.

Let’s delve deeper into how Vision Pro could benefit individuals across various industries with its features and specifications:

Vision Pro’s high-speed, high-precision image analysis capabilities can be a game-changer in the manufacturing industry. It not only ensures product quality by detecting even the tiniest defects but also automates various tasks like sorting, labeling, and packaging. This results in improved production efficiency, reduced errors, and ultimately, cost savings. Additionally, Vision Pro can predict machine failures by monitoring equipment in real-time, enabling timely maintenance to minimize downtime.

In healthcare, Vision Pro excels in medical imaging analysis. It can rapidly process and interpret medical images such as X-rays and MRIs, aiding physicians in diagnosing conditions with a high degree of accuracy. Real-time patient monitoring is another crucial application, where it can continuously track vital signs and alert healthcare providers to any deviations from normal ranges, ensuring prompt intervention.

Retailers benefit from Vision Pro’s capabilities in inventory management. It provides accurate, real-time data on stock levels, helping prevent both stockouts and overstock situations. Moreover, Vision Pro analyzes customer behavior, offering insights into shopping patterns and preferences. It can even facilitate cashier less checkout systems, reducing waiting times and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Vision Pro’s package sorting and recognition capabilities streamline logistics operations. It can identify packages based on size, shape, and destination, leading to faster and more accurate sorting. Additionally, it can assist truck drivers with real-time navigation, lane-keeping, and fatigue detection, improving driver safety and overall transportation efficiency.

Precision agriculture relies heavily on Vision Pro. It monitors crops for signs of disease, pests, and stress, allowing for targeted interventions. By guiding autonomous farming equipment, it optimizes planting, irrigation, and harvesting, ultimately increasing crop yields while conserving resources.

Vision Pro transforms education with interactive learning experiences. Gesture recognition and augmented reality applications enhance classroom engagement. Furthermore, it aids students with disabilities by providing real-time visual aids and accessibility features, promoting inclusive education.

In the entertainment industry, Vision Pro contributes to the creation of immersive experiences. It enables more realistic graphics and simulations in virtual reality (VR) applications. In content creation, it automates time-consuming tasks like video editing, accelerating the production process.

At Travancore Analytics, we’ve had the privilege of experiencing or witnessing the launch of the Vision Pro at WWDC23 summit and can’t wait to see how Vision pro will shape the future. In conclusion, Vision Pro stands as a beacon of technological advancement, transcending industry boundaries to bring forth a new era of productivity, precision, and innovation. With its remarkable features and specifications, it has the power to revolutionize how we work and operate across diverse sectors. 

Whether it’s ensuring impeccable quality in manufacturing, enhancing patient care in healthcare, optimizing customer experiences in retail, or redefining logistics and education, Vision Pro’s adaptability knows no bounds. As we embrace this visionary technology, we step into a future where efficiency, safety, and productivity reach unprecedented heights. The horizon of possibilities with Vision Pro is limitless, and it promises to empower individuals and industries alike, driving us toward a brighter and more advanced tomorrow.


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