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5 ways Augmented Reality will Transform the Marketing of Brands

May 4th, 2022

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Allowing unique experiences for customers with the convenience of their mobile devices, augmented reality in advertising is now transforming brand marketing and sales strategies.

Many industries ranging from education, media, healthcare and fashion are now exploring AR technology for various applications and marketing is no exception. The trends in marketing are evolving, and the most popular brands are now on the bandwagon focusing on user experience to build their brand’s image, increase sales, and attract more customer engagement than ever.

Let us discuss further on augmented reality in marketing.

Augmented Reality in Marketing

Markets are driven by customer’s needs and demands, so it is important for companies to keep pace with the changes in the customer’s buying behavior. To connect consumers with brands, advancement in technologies have brought in dynamic digital realities which is considered to be the new way of ‘storytelling’ – a fundamental factor in connecting consumers with brands.

Augmented reality is one of the promising ways of digital realities. Being an emerging trend in marketing and sales strategies, AR brings better visual recognition and emotional attachment than conventional advertisement as it gives customers unique experiences with the convenience of tapping into their mobile devices. It allows businesses to provide their customers with exceptional, engaging experiences by combining real and virtual interactive elements stories through immersive and 3D experiences with the end-user taking control of the storytelling.

Using augmented reality in marketing provides diverse benefits such as –

  • Sales improvement
  • Enhance brand value and awareness
  • Save a lot in your marketing budget
  • Visual images avoid language barriers
  • Consumers can access desired events virtually
  • Training customers on using particular products is easy
  • Enhance customer service

Here, we’ll look at the 5 unique ways augmented reality will transform the branding and marketing landscape. These different marketing ways should be all the inspiration you need to brainstorm and execute a brilliant long-term AR marketing strategy.

1. Customers can Try-Before-You-Buy

Imagine how happy your customers would be, if they could try out the products from the safety and comfort of their own homes? Potential customers are always on the lookout to try the products before making a purchase. Thus, the applicability of fitting rooms, cosmetic samples, automobile test drives, and many other related concepts testify to the effectiveness of this sales strategy.

Virtual shopping experiences are one of the rising trends in the retail sector. Whether your business is related to cosmetics, clothing, or any, augmented reality can have the biggest impact and is particularly valuable for improving your online sales strategies. The applications of augmented reality in marketing niches have already begun to multiply as more businesses realize the benefits AR presents.

For instance 

AR fitting and changing rooms will give customers a virtual experience in choosing the perfect wardrobe. Customers can just click on the digital library of the products and try any of those products in the real environment at the tap of their finger.

Another AR try-before-use example is Warby Parker’s virtual try-on feature through its iOS app. It allows shoppers to try eyeglasses before purchasing them. Users can try on hundreds of frames virtually using an iPhone camera.

2. Refine your guest experience

Hospitality sector can use AR for diverse applications to improve guest engagement. Your guests or tourists will be curious enough to get an idea on the services you are providing them and explore the location they’re going to visit. They can also survey many different types of rooms your property offers and choose the one according to their preference. Many hotels also offer guests with AR and VR games to entertain them.

For instance, The Premier Inn, in the UK, allowed the guests to scan their smartphone at the wall maps in the hotel room and get details about local places of interest. Such AR applications can enhance the use of the map and deliver an interactive experience for guests.

Another instance is that of Amazon’s ModiFace Virtual Makeover app. This app is designed to allow potential customers to try out various makeup and hairstyles on their own faces for free. It features over 80 different celebrity hairstyles for the makeover to be done.

3. Create innovative AR ad experiences

AR-based product visualization can be used to deliver interactive advertising experiences that connect with customers on a deeper level than traditional advertising. Unlike traditional advertising methods, use of AR in advertising creates a memorable experience for the consumer.

An example for the same is – McQueen Gin’s AR integrated ad related to the “World’s Coolest Labels”. It was launched to create an exciting, immersive experience for customers. Once the consumer scans the label via the app, each bottle showcases the hidden inner secrets of McQueen Gin with a unique full-length animation.

There are diverse tools for creating AR experiences such as ARKit, Vuforia, ARCore, Wikitude, MaxSt, and more.

Also Facebook ads use AR camera effects that let people interact with any concerned brand’s products in the mobile Facebook Feed. Users tapping in the brand’s ads will get a visual overlay on how to interact with your product, brand or effect.

4. Use AR to launch new products

Why invest in a live event or exhibition to launch your product? Instead, use AR. Industry events can be affected by travel restrictions or other interruptions. Augmented and Virtual Realities can be used effectively to launch, showcase and demo your products.

An example is the world’s first smartphone launch in AR done by OnePlus. The company launched OnePlus Nord, their latest smartphone in an AR event. It provided an entirely new experience for the viewers, unlike an online video presentation.

AR tools can also be used to provide language support for tourists who don’t speak the local language. It can also support hosting virtual tours and recruiting new talent to engage your guests in new ways.

5. Stand out in the Networking Game with AR Business Cards 

Have you ever thought about upgrading your boring business card and making it an interactive storytelling tool? If not, then you might need to think about it. Integrating AR in business cards is one of the latest upgrades you can do.

Generally, if a person is handed a business card, they would probably leave it with a stash of other business cards and they would find it difficult to remember who was, what they did and how the connection could benefit them and how the link might benefit them. You can stand out from the rest of the pack by using AR business cards, which would act as a virtual ad for yourself and bring people additional valuable content about you, such as videos about your business or fun 3D models of your products. You can also include links to your social media and website and call-to-actions. With its utility and convenience, AR Business cards considerably transform the way people network with each other in a formal environment. To access the AR business card, all you need is a smartphone to scan the card.

Overall, an AR business card not only makes you look technologically advanced but also offers complete information about you and your business and brand in one meeting, helping your client or visitor make an informed and quick decision.

No doubt, augmented reality is one among the hottest trends in brand marketing. Whether you’re concerned about augmented reality in advertising or other marketing strategies, consider choosing a reliable AR VR development company to grow your business, and improve customer satisfaction rates.

At TA, our expert team provides cutting-edge solutions from start-ups to the reputed Fortune 500 companies. If you want to implement Augmented Reality in advertising or in your software product, our team will gladly help you. Please feel free to discuss your AR and VR requirements with us.

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