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Custom E-Commerce Application

January 25th, 2021

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Posted by: Team TA

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E-commerce application development is a powerful approach to create online stores. Imagine you have two options, going to a brick-and-mortar store and spending three hours waiting in long queues or staying in your cozy home and ordering everything you need in just a couple of clicks. During the recent events of the covid pandemic, demand for the e-Commerce stores has been increasing expeditiously as there is less opportunity in visiting stores for our needs and as online platforms are much safer than public exposure.

Sure, having an e-commerce website is a plus to your business but deciding to go for an online business is a challenging decision too. Is it worth it? How would you stand out among the other competitors? Why would customers purchase from you?

Why do we need a Custom E-Commerce Application?

e-Commerce is all about virtual branding. The ‘Look’ and ‘Design’ speak about your products. There are different approaches for creating the application with different platforms like Opencart, Shopify, etc, and other ready-to-go templates but a strongly recommended solution is to build a fully customized application. Customers look for something called fresh, relevant, unique, and user-friendly, and customizing the application brings out a great opportunity for your customers. Here are some of them

  • Highly customizable for specific products
  • A unique design and handy features
  • The particular needs of your business are easily met
  • You are standing out by not being a standard e-shop

There is always a place for something new in your application and so you are free to create, invent and come up with fresh ideas. And so, TA came up with the idea of building an application named DimeStore which incorporates all the thoughts of a customizable e-Commercial application.

Dime Store

Focused on a generic platform for small and medium e-Commerce enterprises, TA developed – Dime Store. It is a White Labeled retailer platform, highly customizable where retailers can sell commodities of different kinds of their needs. Dime Store consists of a custom commercial mobile application along with an administrative web module and delivery agent module. The features include guaranteed data privacy (third-party access isn’t allowed), the addition of data through an administrative application by the client, easy accommodation of current requirements into the application, and smooth integration into the business processes.

The retailer or the client can create an e-commerce store and add various categories and products under the business they wish to set up through the administrative platform application. Retailers can also add sufficient data for the products they wish to sell along with other promotions, payment methods, and other basic requirements for the store.  Customers can register with the store through a mobile application and can order up products they wish to buy from the online store. Services like Cart, Buy Now feature, Adding on new delivery addresses are all provided by the application developed. One can also incorporate new ideas for the store into the application. Customers can place their orders and do payments in different methods with the store through the payment gateway integrated into the application. The retailer can control the features in the application through the administrative platform provided which includes features like product management, order management, promotional management, and so on. Delivery of the products ordered by the customers will be through the agents of the store and the agents get notified with the delivery module built for the store.

Benefits of Dime Store

Dime Store is a complete solution for a customizable e-Commerce application that brings out a great platform where the retailers can set up their online store which can sell any specific or generic products and the particular needs of the business can be met easily. This Custom platform is built for long-term use and the developers will analyze the future needs of the customer to incorporate them into the design of the program.


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