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Healthcare IT and Industry 4.0

November 20th, 2020

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Posted by: Team TA

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Over the last decade, healthcare has evolved so much with the adoption of technology to its folds. We have gone through the advancements and how technology as such can help healthcare, especially in this world currently held at the edge by the Covid-19 virus. The proponents of the Industry 4.0, such as XR, AI, Blockchain, etc. are gaining prominence along with handy web and mobile applications as potential and feasible means of augmenting healthcare services. This blog details how Industry 4.0 can extend the reach of healthcare and associated activities.

1. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Solutions powered by AI and ML at varying degrees are currently being used over the globe augmenting the overall throughput of the healthcare services. From virtual doctors, robot attendants, virtual nursing services, etc. to applications that help support in diagnosing diseases and prescribe approved treatment methods based on the EHRs of patients; the use is endless. With the addition of ML-powered statistical learning and analysis, the system can be made self-sufficient with minimal human interference.

2. Blockchain and Data Security

The healthcare domain generates and handles more data than any other service to mankind. Data here is more valuable as it contains information about a person’s wellbeing, generated from sensors, wearables, and other network-connected devices. In the wrong hands, it poses a grave danger. Particularly in this age when data is considered as precious as gold, its imperative that it’s made and stored securely. Blockchain and cybersecurity measures become an important factor here it gives a patient connected to the network more authority over when and how his data is accessed. Blockchain can help prevent patient data from being charged or stolen by using a singular secular protocol.

3. Augmented Reality (AR)/ Virtual Reality (VR)

Combining the features of AR and AI, healthcare apps can be highly beneficial to both patients and doctors. If you are a medical student, smartphone applications can help in such a way that the location of various internal organs can be located by pointing the camera powered through AR and AI. AR is also touted as a major help in the future of minor and major surgeries. Just assume how cool and helpful it will be when data is superimposed over another for quick references when a doctor visits a patient.

VR is helpful for training physicians through simulations. At the same time, a patient can be administered an immersive environment through VR to lessen the pain or distract him during physio/psychological therapies.

4. Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

IoMT is an infrastructure comprising medical devices, sensors, healthcare IT systems, and medical data repositories that focus on medical testing, monitoring, and diagnostics. Devices that monitor heart rates, X-Rays, and other vitals can be connected to a system where a master admin has control and monitors over the data being formed. This is then studied by connected diagnosis systems to study and generate reports. The same can be connected to smart devices and wearables for patients and healthcare professionals to keep track. Biosensors and related studies will find a more effective application with IoMT.

5. Robotics

AI-assisted robots that help and support patients and healthcare professionals. They’re used in hospitals, laboratories, medical centers, aged care facilities, and therapy and facilitation centers. They can assist in surgeries, help with personal care and training, disinfecting hospital environments, deliver medical supplies, reports, etc., take samples, transport, analyze and store them, and a lot more…

A very common observation is the advancement and implementation of AI and associated services to the healthcare sector. AI is becoming a common element with it being incorporated as a stand-alone solution or along with other Industry 4.0 verticals.

The current world is poised for a great change with leading healthcare providers and startups incorporating these technologies into their midst. The modern infrastructure and new technologies are a basis for the transformation of the medical industry and a milestone for the coming generation.  Technology in healthcare ensures everyone a brighter and healthier future.

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