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May 20th, 2020

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The healthcare industry is witnessing revolutionary changes in terms of technological advancements. It has come a long way with new methods that predict, prevent, and treat patients through virtual applications. This has increased the efficiency of hospitals, security, and technical shortages and overcome many issues that the industry had been facing for years. Healthcare is an unavoidable service for the entire human race, so the field is looking forward to more cost reduction techniques essentially.

Technological advancements add value to healthcare, particularly in the following areas:

  • Early-stage detection of symptoms/diseases
  • Individualized treatment plans
  • Effective status monitoring of patients, even those with chronic diseases
  • Virtual screening of patient’s health conditions etc.

Web, mobile, and cloud technologies are proving beneficial to the sector and thus improving the patients’ health outcomes, cost-effectiveness, and timely intervention in critical cases. Patients are more aware of their medical conditions now than they were a decade ago. This ensures a brighter future of the healthcare industry with the help of technological innovations.  With the help of technology, healthcare organizations can perform better and cost-effectively by providing timely patient care.

With the use of healthcare apps, we can reduce the clinical visits, lessen the workload of doctors which allows them to focus on more important cases or emergencies. On the whole, technology has and will proceed to radically change clinical drug and fitness for the better.

A brief on how leading technologies benefit the existing healthcare sector:

  • Artificial Intelligence 


Artificial Intelligence in healthcare improves visual perception and decision making. Types of AI that are being used in the healthcare industry extends to virtual nursing and assisting, voice to text transcriptions and robot doctors, etc. AI is used to detect diseases more accurately to diagnose a patient’s health problems and various ways to treat it.

With the help of Machine Learning algorithms and statistical techniques (part of AI), we can improve the efficiency of computer systems in identifying patterns and decision making. This provides easy diagnosis, risk assessment, and better treatment for patients.

  • Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

In the medical field, AR can be used to certify safety, assist in major operations, and scan the body by combining AI with it and many more. A combination of AR and AI in healthcare apps is extremely beneficial to doctors and patients. With a smartphone camera, one can locate the position of internal organs and get a visual of human anatomy.  AR helps to superimpose the records and vital signs of a patient in real-time.

Reports suggest that a major smartphone brand is working on a prototype whose high-resolution camera can capture an x-ray image of a person utilizing intensified UV rays. Privacy issues aside, combining this technique with that of AR and AI will prove beneficial for the healthcare sector.

VR solutions can provide training support for medical students through case study simulations, patient education, and also aid in psychological counseling and so on.

  • Health Tracking and Support Apps

Health tracking apps help in tracking blood pressure, distance covered, heart rate, the period of sleep, etc. It lets you see data and save it post-readable form, analysis, and improving health results.  This app improves accuracy and readability of data, helps to save the data, allows performing statistical analysis, results in comparison against standard results, etc. It also gives tips to improve your health.

We have been working with leading players in the healthcare domain since inception. We have leveraged our best practices, skills, and expertise in providing solutions ranging from desktop solutions to cloud-based online solutions and much more.

If you are an entrepreneur with an idea that can help better the healthcare sector or a leading healthcare provider or pharma company looking at means for streamlining your operations and processes, do not hesitate to contact us.

The modern infrastructure and new technologies are a basis for the transformation of the medical industry and a milestone for the coming generation.  Healthcare technology is, after all, to ensure a brighter and healthier future for all.

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