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April 15th, 2020

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Posted by: Team TA

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Recruitment is a rewarding but tiring process. The skills and expertise required for each domain varies. It is rewarding in the sense that the organization is gaining an asset in the right candidate. The process is tiring as well as the recruiter may have to skim, scan and analyze so many profiles in order to find the right candidate. Then there are multiple levels of interviews, negotiations and the HR team finally select the right people for the job.

The initial screening of resumes is a tedious task in itself. This world that is rapidly embracing the proponents of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has welcomed automation systems with a warm hug. In particular, firms are turning to automated systems to speed up their recruitment efforts. Time is money as the corporate quote goes. The quicker and successful a recruitment drive is closed, higher the possibility of a firm closing healthy deals with its clients. Most of the time, it will be an immediate requirement, but employing the right candidate before going forth with business negotiations has a better chance of ending on a happy note.

Either way, closing an open position successfully and in time is of the essence. There are various job portals and professional HR Consultancy Services doing that part of the work. Automated resume filtering applications are also in demand. It can be a desktop or a web application. It is also visualized to be in the form of a mobile application in the near future. The high-level form of this application employs the right blend of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing along with other application development solutions.

What are the various pros and cons when using such an application?


  1. The recruitment process becomes much more streamlined, organized and faster.
  2. The resumes will be filtered off and candidates can be shortlisted much effectively.
  3. It will make it easier, getting back to the candidates with a status mail at each and every stage of the procedure. This helps both the organization and the candidates.
  4. The system will be scheduling the interviews and, in the future, possibly conduct the initial rounds on its own.


  1. The system will be looking at the keywords and the experience as required of the individual. At times a lesser experienced candidate will be more skilled in a domain than the most experienced of the lot. If the filter considers experience as a key factor among the others, there is a possibility that the right candidate will be filtered out.
  2. No automated system can make decisions as such on the capabilities of an individual. It can only notify the features of the candidate and support with the recruitment. Living, breathing HR personnel is a necessity for any organization.

It is a known fact that a single automation system can do work equivalent to a team of individuals. Yet, how much artificial intelligence grows, it cannot mimic the personality of a person that is based on the human nature. Still automated systems are sure to play a big role in recruitment, handling payroll and similar HR related processes in the future.

Currently Team TA is working on a proof-of-concept with the vision of a streamlined hiring process. This is a combination of Natural Language Processing with C#.NET. Once a Minimum Viable Product is ready, it will be used in-house to manage our future recruitment drives. This system will in turn be synced with our own HR Management tool that will also help smoothen our team induction procedures.

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