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Travancore Analytics is fueled by innovation, not just as a buzzword, but as the foundation of our success. Since its inception in 2007, Travancore Analytics (TA) has mastered the art of delivering customized, expertly crafted customer experiences. Every effort made to collaborate is geared toward delivering tangible business benefits. As a result, we have transformed from a software development company to a trusted digital transformation partner for global industry leaders. TA expertly leads our customers through the processes of Software Product Engineering, Testing as a Service, Rapid Prototyping, and Minimum Viable Product (MVP) development.

The extensive range of services includes AR VR Development Services, Embedded, IoT, Test Automation, E-commerce, Geo-spatial Information Systems, AI ML, Accessibility, and more. With a passionate team of over 1000 professionals worldwide, we possess the expertise to deliver tailored solutions that address specific business needs and challenges.

Our clientele spans across the United States, Australia, Japan, the Middle East, Europe, and South Asia, serving industries such as education and training, media and sports, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and more. By developing cost-effective, functional, user-centric, and innovative technical solutions, we help our clients achieve their digital goals. TA recognizes and adapts rapidly to the changing digital landscape to empower our clients to enhance their market presence.

Values that
drive us


With respect as our compass, responsibility as our guide, and moderation as our anchor, we build digital solutions that stand the test of time.


Environment Protection

Travancore Analytics is deeply committed to protecting the environment by leveraging GIS, AI, and IoT technologies. The innovative planned evacuation solutions from TA, during forest fires and other disasters lead the way for emergency management in the time of global warming.


Social Transformation

TA continually strives to improve lives by employing innovative technological advancements among marginalized communities. The digital accessibility solutions for the differently abled, AR VR-enabled E-Learning solutions, and other impactful services mark our social responsibility.



TA believes that technology-driven innovation can significantly improve the quality of life. This led to the development of cutting-edge Diagnostic Aids, Clinical Analysis Tools, Patient Care and Welfare Systems, and health monitors, adopting WHO's ‘One Health’ approach for a shared environment.



The journey of passion and purpose to becoming the trusted digital transformation partner with the purpose of bringing technology and innovation together

  • 2022

    Established new development center in Karnataka, India

  • 2021

    Subcontractor for the US Federal Government, Solution partner for ISRO and the Indian Navy.

  • 2018

    Became the preferred vendor for a major Fortune 500 company

  • 2014

    Started development center in Cochin

  • 2013

    Established Travancore Analytics Inc. in California, USA

  • 2007

    Started as Travancore Analytics Pvt. Ltd, in Trivandrum

Meet Our Exceptional Leadership Team

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Late Harikumar P


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Baas MP


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Anwer Sadath


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Anil Pillai

Vice-President Strategic Operations (US)

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Premprakash VA

Director of Operations

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Prasad Gopinathan

Principal Officer - People Success

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Ravi B R

Director - Engineering

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Supriyo Sanyal

Member – Advisory Board

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Ken Morris

Member – Advisory Board

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Rabi Rout

Member – Advisory Board

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Mahendra Joshi

Member – Advisory Board

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