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Promoting Augmented Reality in ECommerce with Avataar’s Self-Serve 3D AR Platform

March 24th, 2023

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One of the biggest challenges of online shopping is that it doesn’t render a full sensory product experience. In a brick-and-mortar environment, you can try on new costumes, touch fabrics, or see for yourself just how a piece of furniture looks in a room. While those things aren’t technically possible, augmented reality in ecommerce applications offer a way to give customers deeper and more complete information about your products — right from the comfort of their own homes.

At the recently concluded AWE USA 2022 conference, global AI, and computer vision start-up Avataar launched its self-serve platform, Supernova, which automates 3-dimensional AR content creation for online merchants and provides an immersive e-commerce shopping experience for consumers. Avataar helps direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands and the e-commerce market by shaping their consumer journeys with 3D versions of products. This innovative tool features a single-click integration with Shopify and BigCommerce and is expected to boost Augmented Reality in e- commerce by encouraging merchants to upscale their collections with 3D images. Firms can integrate Avataar’s plug-and-play technology into their systems, which then allows customers to visualize products in real-life size and feel in their personal space using the phone’s camera.

Augmented Reality in Ecommerce

AR enables e-commerce customers to preview products or experience services in their environment and on their own time, before making a purchase direction. AR app development companies help online shoppers to have virtual tryouts for clothing, makeup, accessories, and even eyeglasses to understand the products and how they will work for them. AR also gives customers preview placement which is a real-time glimpse of what a product will look like when placed in their environment. The number of brands jumping on the AR bandwagon through social media filters is rising exponentially as it is a great way of showcasing the product by enabling consumers to test how it’ll look on them. 2021 Vertebrae research reveals that 7 out of 10 customers who had an AR experience purchased the product they were browsing. The novelty factor of AR filters boosts audience engagement and makes your brand stand out from the crowd. ARtillery Intelligence and Thrive Analytics survey found that global AR advertising revenue, which topped at half a billion dollars in 2019, grew to $1.41 billion in 2020 and could rise to $8 billion by the end of 2024.

How Avataar uplifts E-commerce sales?

With a focus on spatial visual discovery, Avataar transforms consumers’ online buying and browsing behavior by creating immersive and interactive shopping experiences. They introduced a single-click integration product intended to improve retailers’ growth and further the presence of augmented relaity in ecommerce. The product is driven by the ingenious AI-lead 3D content creation platform, Supernova, which allows merchants to instantly create 3D product catalogs at scale. Brands don’t need to make any major changes to adapt to Avataar’s offerings. If the product images are in at least 1080p resolution, the app can stitch a virtual and 3D version from it. It also offers end-to-end workflow management to oversee the development process including quality checks and live hosting.

For consumers, too, if they are using an iPhone or an Android smartphone launched in recent years, their phone has a good chance to have the computational and graphical power to support viewing and interaction with virtual objects. Shoppers can complete the purchase by directly adding to their cart while interacting with the 3D product in their environment, without having to backtrack to a listing page to manually add specific items. The user interaction with 3D products can provide retailers with insights into consumer behavioral decisions to better understand consumer preferences.

“Avataar’s out-of-the-box AR solution implies the continuous growth of AR innovation in the e-commerce industry,” said Sravanth Aluru, CEO and co-founder of Avataar. “First of its kind, the self-serve 3D AR solution will lead to an impactful customer shopping journey for merchants, resulting in increased sales and brand awareness.” 

According to Avataar, Consumers are experiencing higher engagement and brands are witnessing more than 3.5x sales conversion with a 60% improvement in cart visits. The average engagement time of customers has also increased to 4 minutes. To ensure customer satisfaction, the AR development company offers its self-serve platform using a freemium pricing mode before they hit the paywall. This year, Avataar closed a $45 million Series B funding round led by Tiger Global and is working with large retail and e-commerce brands across the world. The single-click integration product is just one of the many contemporary solutions the company has in store to expand AR in e-commerce. Their plug-and-play integration acts as an inside engine helping vendors adapt their stores to Web 3.0 Standards.

Future of AR in E-commerce

As consumers become more sophisticated and technologically adept, they expect better shopping experiences. Avataar is paving the way for AR in e-commerce to be accessible, intuitive, and innovative transforming consumers’ online purchase behaviors through digital immersion and interaction. This is the best time to adapt to emerging technology to give your business a competitive edge and create a win-win situation for online business owners and customers. Being an innovative AR app development company, our talented and creative team of experts can help you stay at the forefront of the competition by adapting AR to your e-commerce business.

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