AR VR Technology

Powering XR applications with expertise in Unity, Video, AR Kit


View live immersive events

  • Realistic View Anywhere
  • Support Multiple VR HMDs
  • Content control
  • Instant replays
  • Choose vantage points
  • Video processing

Training Support

  •  360 and normal video support
  • Interactive menu in VR
  • Chat integration
  • In App purchase
  • Custom video play integration

Contextual AR Content

  • Use custom triggers
  • Back end content management
  • Wide variety of content supported like 3D models, videos and more
  • Get context based content

Try it first

  • View in your environment
  • Measure space
  • Choose and arrange
  • Share on social
  • Annotate
  • E-commerce

AR Note for Field Tech

  • Locate and mark
  • Add comments
  • Categorize & organize
  • Share markers
  • Get context based content
  • Integrate


  • Test Lab equipped with Oculus Quest, Oculus Go, WinMR, Magic Leap, Google Daydream
  • UX test planning & testing
  • Functional testing


  • Multiple HMD support
  • SDK Development & integration and API integrations.
  • Video technology
  • Security compliance
  • 3D modelling
  • Analytics

Key Projects

Aviation Training
  • Product Engineering
  • Software Testing
  • Mobile & web app

App to coach future pilots using cockpit training videos inside the Boeing 737-800. Mentour Aviation app was designed to view 360॰ videos through the Google Cardboard and also through your smartphone.

Augmented Reality Media Sharing
  • MVP build
  • User Interface Design
  • Maintenance

Engaging students and participants with engaging AR experiences Mobile App. Built front end app and back end content management system to deliver compelling AR experiences.

Case Study

VOKE logo
Virtual Reality Media Streaming
  • Mobile SDK Development & Integration
  • VR Media Streaming Support
  • Maintenance & testing

Developed  SDK for technology company to integrate their offering with live broadcasters, adding VR streaming. Also end user experience with VR menu design & testing.