Travancore Analytics

Outdoor Navigation App for Blind: Reimagine Travel Independence

Navigation is still one of the challenges that humans encounter daily. Maps have now come to our rescue, but does the same hold up for the differently-abled?


An outdoor navigation system was required that offers a user experience tailored to persons with impairments, notably the blind. The application should have a user-friendly interface, easy accessibility, intersection alerts, and friend-locating functionality. Travancore Analytics utilized TypeScript to develop an Outdoor SDK node module with APIs for outdoor positioning.

  • Nearby POIs are retrieved using Foursquare and the MKLocalPointsOfInterestRequest API for iOS 14 and higher.
  • Geocoder and ReverseGeocodeLocation are used for reverse geocoding implementation in Android and iOS SDKs.
  • Our outdoor navigation SDK helps people with disabilities navigate better, with features like POI search and movement management.